The Business

The Business

Income, Freedom + Friendship

YOU are here for a reason.

Landed on this page, not by accident.

For a reason.

I want to show you what building a business with a beautiful company looks like.

That you can earn income.

Time freedom.

Link arms with incredible, uplifting and soul serving humans.

Meet your future best friend.

Build your own community.

While serving the many.

dōTERRA and its leaders are changing what healthcare means.

Changing the definition of opportunity.

Changing service.

Let me show you more:

What do I do?

I help you start living a more natural life with simple, easy and implementable daily action steps.

We live in an over complicated world.

With too many rules and “should” do’s.

Essential Oil information is abundant and there are so many things to learn.

But I can break this process down simply for you and show you where to begin.

What I really do?

I educate + equip you with the tools necessary to naturally up-level your health and show up as your highest self {nourishment, movement, essential oils, and mindset}.

I align with an industry-disrupting, conscious enterprise, dōTERRA, to build a residual income pipeline by authentically sharing something that has rocked my world.

I commit to taking daily actions to level-up and consistently add value. Some days this is epic and I feel unstoppable, some days I spike my coffee with coffee and put out fires.

What that looks like:

Skype dates from the patio.

Phone calls from the pool or in the car while running errands.

Late night messages.

Sitting with someone over coffee seeing how I can it better. Easier.

Working on my vision when I can. In the tiny moments I am given. With my little human by my side.

The side hustle.

Earning income even when I am not working.


Most of us only earn while we produce.

If we are not producing we are not earning.

We are paid what someone else thinks we deserve.

We work to fulfill someone else’s dream.

We answer to them.

They are our master.

A Better Way.
This business model is the future.
We are starting to see the power in a side hustle.
We recognize that multiple streams of income is intelligent
We see the corporate model shifting.
We see potential to work smarter, not harder, and are sick of trading our time for money.
We crave time freedom, location independence, and financial security.
We crave creative outlets.
We crave diversity, purpose, and impact.
We have evolved since the generations before us.
We are doing things differently.
We know better so we are doing better
And now W are doing this “work” thing differently.

Ethics Matters.
Life has changed.
Our planet has changed
We are demanding better.
We are starting to put our foot down and demanding that this footprint be smaller.
We expect transparency and responsibility from the businesses we consciously recirculate money to.
We expect ethical treatment of animals + people all across the supply chain.
We invest in non-toxic products that are eco-friendly, organic, natural.
Corporate social responsibility is a minimum expectation — companies without a heart are not going to be able to keep up with it.
Conscious consumerism is no longer just a thing. It is a new way.
Our choices MATTER.
Where we spend our money, matters!
Our decisions, actions are daily votes towards the world we want to see.

dōTERRA as a company has stolen my heart.
Their commitment to purity, transparency, and thoughtful, local humanitarian initiatives across the world.
Head to SOURCE TO YOU to learn more about co-impact sourcing — it’s game changing and it’s shifting the entire industry (which is currently toxic, exploitative, and environmentally devastating).
But it is not just this one thing.
It is so many things.
This company has been pulling at my heart strings since way before I even bought my bottles.
Google the executive team.
Follow them on Insta.
Get to know where the heart of the company started.
Learn more about all of the reasons I aligned with this heart driven and soulful company here.

Healthcare is changing.
Today as I write this we (as a collective) are sicker than we have ever been.
We know that we have be better. Do better.
Demand better!

Slowly by surely we are moving back to a more natural way.
To nature.
Nature knows. It has always known.
And we can no longer be ignorant.
Live with our eyes closed.
We see what big Pharma really is.
What it is creating.
Who the doctors are paid by.
Who is whispering in their ear.
Dependency is a thing of the past.
Empowerment of our health is the now.
We are taking our health into our own hands.

If healthcare were simple, what would it look like?
Imagine that 80% of your daily needs/concerns were covered by a safe and natural option that you had at your fingertips, right in your home.
Tension, digestive issues, mood + stress, rest, detox, weight management, common colds/flus, skin-care, and other “basics” can be completely handled with proactive lifestyle choices, essential oils, diet, and other natural healing modalities.
Pain killers, over the counter medicines and pharmaceuticals are destroying our bodies.
Filling us with toxins.
And not solving any of our root problems.
Only feeding the vicious cycle.

Imagine how empowering it would feel to OWN your health, naturally and proactively.
That is where we are today.
Starting to take control of our health.
In our won way!

Community + Connection.
I never in a million years would have imagined that I would have met life long friends while doing this business.
I tapped into a world where they value community over competition.
It is not like any other industry.
Any other company.
This is a space where people truly want to life you up.
Inspire you.
Encourage you.
Cheer you on.
When you join dōTERRA you never just join with one.
You join with the many.
And we truly are a little family.
My online community gave me hope in a time when I felt the loneliest I have ever been.
It was a beautiful side benefit.
A beautiful gift.
If feeling connected is something you are craving then this business may fill your soul in ways you could have never dreamed.

Moving towards Zero Waste.
I make a lot of things in our home.
When I first began my essential oil journey in 2014 I started making my own green cleaners. I bought a class spray bottle and made my own all purpose cleaner. Guess what, I still have the same spray bottle and I refill it as needed.
I may not be perfect but I am moving towards a place of less waste. Less toxins. Less plastic.
I may be only one but I am still making an impact on consuming less and contributing more.
If you were to look at all of the things I make in my home using these little brown bottles, and we ALL started to do the same. Just imagine where we would be 5-10 years from now.
We would make a significant impact on our consumption and contribution to the global garbage problem.

Glowing Health.
Most people aren’t even aware of how GOOD they are meant to feel.
Our natural state is vibrant, glowing health, not dis-ease.
You deserve to wake up with energy, to pursue a career with passion, to feel confident in your own skin, to have tools that work to manage your stress + emotions, to experience financial wellness and prosperity without selling your soul, to work in a like-minded community of people committed to the absolute best for themselves, their families, and the planet.
Glowing health is our baseline.
It is how we were meant to feel.
Meant to be.
Create that baseline for yourself and then share with others how you did it.
How you feel!
It really is that simple!

Something More?
Are you looking for something more?
A soul tap?
An invitation into something bigger?
To connect?
To have glowing, vibrant health?
Is that why you are here?
Landed on this page?

Nothing happens by accident.
You are here for a reason.
So let’s grow together!

Were you made for more?

Ready for more?

Let’s Connect!

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