This is my essential oil journey; Angela Zimmerlé Cacciavillani, HOO Happiness, dōTERRA


Where it all began. 

Let me take you on a little journey.

I was 5 years old. I had 32 stitches in my head after a lawn mower accident. No this is not the story.

At 6 years old I started experiencing deep and intense headaches. I would cry and cuddle into my mom.

Confused and scared. Unable to describe the depth of my pain.

At age 8 a family friend came over and handed me a bottle of peppermint. Told me it would help when the headache comes on.

I remember its crisp smell.

I think it is why I am so drawn to peppermint today.

Scent is a powerful transporter.

Takes us right back to when……

I remember trying to use this oil. I even remember getting some in my eye and it stinging like hell.

We had no idea how to use the oil. How to use it properly. It came. We tried. And into the cupboard it went.

Perched there. On a shelf. Untouched.

No real education.

The headaches started to graduate to migraines.

At some point in my early teens we had to get rid of my water bed (that my father made) because the wave of my mattress during a migraine would make me nauseous.

I would have to close the blinds tight, put a garbage pail beside my bed, cold cloth on my head, Advil in my tummy and wait and pray for it to pass.

Migraines are the most debilitating thing on the planet. I truly would not wish them on my worst enemy.

At 18 years old I was in the passenger seat when my boyfriend at the time ran a yellow light turning left. A car crashed right into my side.

Entre chronic neck pain.

A bad neck day meant a headache and a bad headache meant a migraine.  

I averaged a headache a week and 1-2 migraines per month.  

At age 21 I started to regularly see a chiropractor.  

At age 25 I learned about Massage Therapy and I tested the waters with that.  I moved to acupuncture, Osteopath and then found a person when I was 27 who did a mix of them all.  

Not one person or practice could bring me relief.  

In my late 20’s when I was attending Yoga regularly.

My incredible teacher ended our practice every single class with a drop of Lavender in our hands. We would sit up after shavasana and inhale the oil 3 times.

It was hands down my favourite part of the practice….every single time.

I loved it.

After a few classes I had a stash of Lavender in my house.

It helped me to feel calm.

It helped me to focus on something else when I had a headache.

I think then it was probably reducing my headache but I truly did not know the power of plants then.

But there was something there.

I graduated to a candle holder that had a dish on top where you put water + your fav essential oil.

This is when Satsuma from BodyShop ruled my years. I still to this day wish I could replicate that scent. Heavenly.

But there was still so much I did not know.

Still so much to learn.

When I moved to France my husband saw an Osteopath quarterly and so I made my first apportionment with him.  It was then that I learned the stomach pains I was getting were from taking too many pain killers and I needed to find an alternative solution.

I made a random post on facebook asking what my friends did when they had a headache that was natural.

It was by the hands of fate, the universe and my angels that a friend planted the seed of essential oils.

I purchased some bottles from the pharmacy here, the natural health food stores as well as the Marche de Nöel in my village at the time.

But I wasn’t getting the results.

What was I missing?

I began researching.  I spent 6 months reading, sourcing and searching companies.

I learned some ugly things about the essential oil industry. The adulteration that takes place. The lack of integrity of some companies. And I battled and battled with what was right.

My heart strings kept pulling me back to dõTERRA and I bought my first kit.

I spent our savings on it.

My husband was livid.

When I got the bottles into my home I could smell the difference.

My nose knew.

My husband and I were comparing the new dōTERRA oils with the collection I had now acquired.

They were so different.

A few days passed and my husband told me to stop using the old oils. Throw them away. They were giving him a headache.

And that was the end of my search.

The only brand I have come to love and trust to use on myself, in my home and with my son.

They are hands down the purest and cleanest oils I have ever smelt and experienced.

dōTERRA,  a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth”

They are that.

 Beautiful gifts from the earth.

And I can honestly say they changed my life!  

If you take time to read through some of the blog posts you will know that moving abroad rattled me.

I had moved to a new country, with a new husband, new baby with absolutely no family or friends around.  I was lost and lonely.

The oils gave me something to dive into.  

To give my attention to.

Something exciting to learn about.

I learned so much about myself. About my past life.
About what real health meant.

I started to dip my toe into the business side of things.

If I am being really honest, it was the income potential that drew me in further.

First it was the oils.

And then it was the potential for me.

I had no idea that what was just peaking my interest would drive me a whole new life path.

I have purpose.

I have passion.

I have something of my own to build!

The Brand

Learn why My Heart loves doTERRA