About the Founder of HOO Happiness: Angela Zimmerlé Cacciavillani

A little about me


My name is Angela and I am the founder, creator + sole author of HOO Happiness.

I have many titles:






Book Lover.

Coffee Addict.

Essential Oil Junkie.

There I said it....... my name is Angela and I am an essential oil junkie!

And I plan to pass this addiction on to you :-)

A little deeper....

I am a Canadian citizen living in the gorgeous Alsace, France!  

The town I was raised in and spent a good chunk of my life is London, Ontario, Canada.  

I am and always be Canadian.  

I am proud of where I came from and will continue to nurture those roots.

I met my french husband on an island vacation in Dominican Republic and that started a very wild an insane journey  - that took me across the country to live here in Europe.

Together we have a handsome little man that you will see pop up in photos and videos.  

He is the light of my life and being called mom is truly the greatest gift I could have ever been given.  

He has shown me just how large and vast true love can be.  

He also gave me some insight into just how much love my own parents have for me.  

I never saw that until I became a parent myself.


  1. I am a Coffee Junkie: I never really want to live a day without it. If I have to I will but I know I do not want to - it is so good! I find comfort in a warm cup of Joe!

  2. I am a the very definition of a Book worm: I can get so lost in a book that I have no idea what time it is, what has been happening with my kid or if I have consumed anything while I flipped through the pages.

  3. I love to Design: I absolutely love having creative time where I can make labels or e-books. I secretly want to go to design school to amp up this little passion I have. I find it very relaxing and rewarding.

  4. I can Colour Like a Kid: I could actually colour for hours. I find it therapeutic and consoling. My son is finally at the age where we can sit at the table and colour for an extended period of time and it melts my heart. I cannot wait for the age when we can do puzzles. That is something my brother and I spent hours a day doing! Cool memories!

  5. I am an Oil Junkie: I am a huge essential oil enthusiast so you will see a lot of that wrapped up in HOO. I truly believe with all my heart that essential oils are a key tool in living a high vibe natural life. I truly want to reduce the chemical toxicity in our home so that we can live our best selves.

  6. I love Power Smoothies : Almost every day without fail I drink a green smoothie of some sort. Lately I have been drinking Power Smoothies which help power you through the day because they contain a vegetable, Fat, protein and super food. So good! Find the recipe here: https://hoohappiness.com/power-packed-peanut-butter-super-smoothie/

  7. I am proudly a KD Kid: I know that Kraft Dinner is one of the worst things you can put into your body. My godson did a school study and learned that the box the KD comes in has more nutritional value than the actual KD inside....but I cannot help it....I love it. On a bad day you can find me on the couch in my pyjamas with a bowl of KD while binge watching something for the soul.Don't judge me :-). Thankfully, since I live in France I have very limited access to KD. I only eat this about once per year now when I visit home or someone is kind enough to ship it to me.

  8. I want to be a full time Beach Bum: My one huge major goals in life is to own a house on a beach. I spent many summers living in Grand Bend and being near the water was a warm blanket for my soul. I will never let this goal go and every day I work towards achieving this!

  9. My Career History: I have had a ton of carriers in my life - Server, Bartender, Dental Assistant, Prototype Buyer, Conference Coordinator and now Mamapreneur. When I tell people some of the places I used to work they look at me shocked....you did that? I don't see you as the type. It always makes me laugh. Do you have a work type?

  10. I love Boy Bands: One of my all time favourite bands is Bon Jovi (does that age me or make me cool?). I have seen them live in concert of 7 times and once upon a time I had about 20 different Bon Jovi shirt. Yeah...that makes me cool for sure!

  11. Forever Carb Crazy: I am Italian to the bone. I love a big bowl of pasta, fresh baked bread and really anything that comes in carb form. Why do put carbs in such a bad light...I will never know...they taste so good. And when we eat foods we absolutely love we digest them differently - but that is a whole other topic! So although I am trying to live a cleaner lifestyle with less gluten I will never ever full give carbs up. Joy in eating is joy in life (edit: as I redo this whole site I am in the process of trying to figure out of gluten is an inflammatory food for me - insert super sad face - more to come)!

  12. I hate waking up early: I understand that one of the ways to be a high producer / high earner is to get up early and work while the rest of the world sleeps. I am the rest of the world. Once upon a time I was a 5am riser. I got up, had coffee, journaled, hit the gym and then hit the grind. It was when I was in my prime. But now I work at night in a restaurant. We have a small house so if I wake up early I wake up both my husband and my little. So I don't do the early rise thing. And you know what....I love it. I love that I do not have any pressure on myself in terms of what I need to be doing and when I need to be waking up. It is a different kind of freedom.

  13. Pulled to earth: There was a shift that happened. I cannot pin point when or why this happened but I have been pulled to being outdoors. Doing my workouts outside. Walking. Deep outside air breaths. Something has changed and I love the pull. It helps me feel more connected to the universe. Helps me feel more grounded. If you are feeling stressed go outside. Look around. Listen to the birds. Watch the trees sway with the wind. Changes everything.

  14. Spiritual Gangsta: I want to learn more about my spiritual self. I have been told by many many people that I am a natural healer. That I am highly intuitive and have a physic side. I have no idea how that is or how to bring it out...but I am working on it. I am trying to listen to myself more. How I feel. The energy that is around me. I use my oils more intuitively now. I use my angel cards. And I am trying to listen to the downloads that come to. It is something I am now very interested in and you might see HOO change a bit because of that. Ok - so I may not be gangsta level yet, but I will get there!

  15. I sleep with a bear: Not a lot of people know this (unless we have shared a bed), but I sleep with a bear. I cuddle it right into my chest. My sleep is often restless when I don’t have him. If my husband is snoring and I sneak into my son’s room, I bring my bear. It is that serious.

  16. I see pink elephants: My husband and I grew up in radically different worlds. I grew up surrounded by love and people. My parents never laid a hand on me and were calm talkers. My husband grew up isolated and at a young age was a firefighter. He has seen the ugliest of ugly. He sees black and white. No colour. He tells that life isn’t full of dancing pink elephants. I obviously disagree. My world is full of colour, floating pink elephants, unicorns, magic fairy dust + polka dotted confetti.

  17. Ticket Collector: My brother is 6 years older than me. A true definition of a sibling. I know there isn’t a single person on the planet who would go to war for me like he would. He and I have a shared passion of attending events and concerts. A huge chunk of my earnings growing up went to concert tickets + sporting events. I regret nothing.

  18. I need: Sunshine. Heat on my skin. Big bath tubs. Lots of books. Tons of cuddles. A back tickler. Lots of sleep. DEEP Connection to my family, friends + Community.

  19. What I believe: I believe that we have the power to heal ourselves. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. I believe that given the right tools and by listening only to our inner heart we can find our right path. I also believe that we may have certain situations (you know the really hard challenging ones) that are teaching us our biggest lessons. Our greatest teachers. Showing us our true selves. Showing us just how strong we are and how big we can expand. Although I have chosen to live a more difficult life here abroad and alone...I know that the lesson for me it so much bigger than I can see now.

My Personal + not so private Online Diary

My Online Diary

Personal and not so private.

If you dive into a few of the posts that are not about recipes to create, you will see I use this space as an outlet. Almost like my diary.

A very public one, yes.

But I do not cover up anything here.

I do not hide behind my keyboard and I only type messages I think I am supposed.

What “I should” only be writing about.

I am not that girl.

I have always gone away from typical.

I learned at a very early age that being different meant not following the crowd.

I used to draw designs on my face before school.

My makeup was always sparkly (still is).

I wore Modrobes (remember those?) like I was a partner in the company.

The plain ones. The fuzzy ones. The fancy ones.

Right before my Grade 12 Graduation I cut my hair pixie short, dyed it fire engine red, rented a Mickey Tuxedo and took my best girl friend as my date.

I always wanted to be different.

I wasn’t like anyone else.

I am still not.

So this is my space.

My brutally honest space.

Here it can get ugly, sad and dark.

I have talked about my dance with divorce, living in the whole of depression and emotional crash + burns.

Our story is beautiful. Even in the darkest of times.

And when we let someone in, when we share our truth.

Maybe…just maybe… it shows one person….that they are not alone.

About HOO Happiness

I believe that one of the tools many of us are missing is essential oils.

In these little brown bottles I found so much more than an oil.

I saw a new light shined onto my health.

Our health.

I found community in a time when I was aching with loneliness.

I found friendship.



Self Care.

Personal development.

A deeper love for myself.

A found a way to search for answers.

To put my healthcare in my own hands.

To ask better questions.

To look harder. Dig Deeper.

I learned DIY. The magical and beautiful world of DIY that most of this blog is built on.

And I learned about healing. My total self.

My mental self. Physical. Spiritual. Emotional.

Oh dam…the emotional work.

I truly believe essential oils are the missing key to turn so many of the locks in our life.

Simple + Easy Steps

I think it is easy for us to over complicate things.

Or to get inundated with what we read and research.

To be confused about what we are supposed to do.

It seems everywhere I go now I run into a new rule.

Things we cannot do.

Things that are not safe.

Don’t wear sunscreen.

Wear only natural makeup.

Eat this.

Don’t eat that.

This is dangerous.

Honestly, it makes me want to pull my hair out and it makes me feel like a bad mom when I can’t do it all or keep up.

Enter my new philosophy:

Progress, not perfection.

I am not perfect. I cannot achieve it all. There is just no way. I make concessions all of the time. If I run out of natural sunscreen you can bet that I am slathering my kid in the chemical stuff. If I cannot find an organic cucumber in the grocery store I buy a regular one. 

There are a lot of things that I don’t do 100% the way I want. But I am no longer hard on myself because I know there are a ton of things I am doing right. I work really hard to create an all natural healthy home free of toxins but its not 100%. And you know what,

that is ok!

So this website is dedicated to helping you find easy + simple ways to start a small (but mighty) change.

No overwhelm.

No stress.

No exhaustion.


Just 100% pure fun and education.

Essential oils really are a game changer and can completely alter your home.

Choose just one thing you want to do an overhaul on and start there!

For me I started with green cleaning.

I threw out all 10 of the different cleaners we had and I started making my own.

You start where you like...

But starting is the first step.

HOO Happiness has evolved now into living a beautiful life of natural health full of self love and happiness and the beautiful bonus of using beautiful gifts of the earth to help achieve all of that.

The Evolution of HOO

I have always loved to write.

It is soothing to my soul.

I started a blog a long time ago called “Wrestling Reality”.

I knew I wanted to dig a little deeper but I just wasn’t sure into what.

Enter essential oils and the beautiful business side of things.

I wanted to create content. Recipes I had tested and tried.

So the oil junkie in me create a website called “Hooked On Oil”.

It left me very limited. The only thing I felt I could write about was essential oils.
That was too boring for me.

I needed a way to express my true inner thoughts, create recipes, share success secrets and … and…. well whatever else came up.

How HOO was born

The HOO Happiness name was created on the premise of old and new. I took parts of my old website called “Hooked On Oil” (those initials became the HOO part of the name) and then I added the new part of my vision


I believe that the most important thing we should feel is happiness and I think to get that it is all encompassing.

A total Healthy Picture.

More than sharing our truths.

More than fresh + simple kitchen recipes.

More than essential oils.

More than how we move.

How we take care of our bodies. E

motional Purging.

Financial security.


Our wellness.

True wellness.

Comes when we understand that all of the pieces help to create a whole body.

I am here to share my story.

My journey.

My wellness with you.


Thank you for being here!

Change + Growth

From the very beginning to now there has been so much change and growth.

There is still so much more to come.

As we evolve, our brand evolves.

Or at least mine does