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Kids Collection: For the developing minds, bodies, and emotions of our littles

A beautiful essential oil collection designed specially for Kids!
This kit was scientifically formulated to service the whole body of the developing minds, bodies, and emotions of our littles.

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Find the Fun in Your Life with Tangerine Essential Oil.

Have you lost the spark of joy in your life? Is fun a word from the past? Do you feel overburdened by the daily chores of life? Do you lack energy and creativity?
Tangerine can help you put the “fun” back in your life!

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Clear Negative Energy with Melaleuca Tea Tree Essential Oil

Our universe is made up of energy. We are made up of energy. We can take on someone else’s energy or own bad can energy can suck us dry. Drain our life force. Melaleuca Tea Tree oil has incredible cleanse properties that aid both or physical and emotional bodies.

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Awaken What is Dark + Dormant with Jasmine Essential Oil

Jasmine can help awaken us. In times of deep dark moods it can shed new light. In physical and mental exhaustion it can uplight and energize us.When our sexuality is dormant it can bring new intimacy! Jasmine can help to ignite sparkle in our souls, joy, and euphoria. Truly awaken all that has been dark, dormant and sleeping.

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Help to Heal Your Heart with Rose Essential Oil

Rose Essential Oil is a sacred and valuable oil. Rose Essential Oil is the highest frequency oil and can aid in the body in boosting the immune system. In fact, it out produces every other oil tested including Oregano. Emotionally, it can help us to heal our hearts. Rose helps us to tap into divine love and with divine love we can begin the deep process of healing our wounds.

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The Ultimate Diffuser Guide to using Essential Oils Aromatically in your home

If you are brand new to the essential oil world then let’s break down what Diffusion is, why it is so beneficial, some myth busters, the diffusers I recommend and some very beautiful blends for your home! You could call this the Ultimate Diffuser Guide!

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Cleansing + Clearing the Physical & Emotional Body with Kumquat Essential Oil

Kumquat is a very powerful essential oil because it aids the physical body and the emotional body on very deep levels.
You can use kumquat to detox yourself on both a physical and emotional level.
We can cleanse the negative that is threatening our body. Things that bring us down. Make us feel unwell. Move us to our couch and have us operating at our less than average selves.
We can also use to cleanse the deep and hidden emotions that we continue to bury and bury because they make us feel less then. Learn just how powerful Kumquat Essential Oil is in this post!

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Tummy Taming DigestZen Essential Oil Blend

As a person who lives with diverticulitis I deal with my fair share of Tummy Challenges.

I have relied on this Essential Oil blend to help alleviate the discomfort that comes with eating triggering foods.

I am going to give a deep dive into this incredible oil. It should be an oil in every toolbox.

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