Bogo Basics Page: What is the bogo + how to purchase, dōTERRA, essential oils, HOO Happiness

🇺🇸🇨🇦 Bogo Tuesday’s in July 2019 🇨🇦🇺🇸

dōTERRA is offering Bogo days every Tuesday in the month of July

This is currently available in the United States and Canada. Stay tuned for European Bogos (coming soon)

Tuesday July 16th, 2019 dōTERRA Bogo, Buy 1 get 2 free, Frankincense, Breathe Respiratory Blend, DigestZen Digestion Blend

For July 16, 2019 (one day only sale) there is a Buy One, Get TWO FREE!!

Buy a Frankincense TOUCH
GET a Breathe TOUCH + Digest Zen TOUCH Free!

Note - TOUCH basically means it's ready for simple topical application because it's the essential oil + coconut oil all in one!

Learn about each of these oils and how to use them here:

*New: THE Bogo BLOG*

New Bogo Blog: Information Packed posts about Current + Past Bogo's, dōTERRA Essential Oils, HOO Happiness

A great Learning Library that I will updating on every oil offered during a bogo from here on out!

This blog is in depth and full of details.

Each individual oil post contains:

  • Description

  • Uses

  • Primary Benefits

  • Recipes

  • Emotional Benefits

Bogo with dōTERRA: Buy 1 Get 1 Free

How to Purchase

THe amazing Bogo Offer!

If you already have a wholesale account :

Simply log in to using your id # and password.

Click 'shop', and the appropriate category for that day. For example, if the BOGO is "Buy one Grapefruit get a free Lemongrass," you would select "Single Oils," search for Grapefruit, and select "Add to Cart." Once you have finished shopping, click "Proceed to Checkout."

Or you can enter in the item number directly in your cart.

The free bogo will automatically be added to your cart. Easy breezy. :)

You can purchase up to 5 BOGOs each day!

🛒 ORDERING TIP: Most people with a wholesale account will order the daily BOGO through the Loyalty Rewards Cart (LRP) so that they can earn all of their shipping costs back and cash it in for free product.

If you’re not yet a wholesale customer

Here are the quick steps to setup your access to today’s BOGO at the wholesale price!

  1. Click the button below or follow this link to enter the enrolment portal:

  2. In the top menu bar choose “Join & Save”

  3. In the new screen on the bottom choose “Join dōTERRA”

  4. Choose your language and country

  5. Choose “Wellness Customer” + Continue

  6. Fill in your personal information, contact information and shipping address. If the enroller / sponsor ID space is blank, please be kind enough to enter my personal ID# 1145433 if it is not automatically added. Once you choose verify it will show my name Angela Zimmerlé. Create a password + agree to the terms and conditions. Choose continue.

  7. Select an enrolment kit. This is where you choose whatever kit you are most drawn to. If you are not purchasing a kit and building your own beautiful health and wellness order then you choose the $35us/$42can/20€ Welcome Packet and Enrollment Fee option. Your option will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

  8. In your My 1st Order Cart – Add your BOGO ITEM HERE by typing the name / item number of the Buy 1 into the field that says “Enter additional item # or product name”. It is very important that you enter the correct name or product number for the country that you are ordering from as all of the product identity numbers and names differ from country to country. Each Bogo has its own specific item number and the free item will get put into your account after your order is processed and finalized. YOU WILL NOT SEE IT IMMEDIATELY IN YOUR CART.

  9. Choose your preferred shipping method.

  10. Enter all of your payment details. Credit card details are not saved and this is a safe system to enter your very private numbers.

  11. Review your totals + shipping to complete order. Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

  12. **OPTIONAL: **: You have the option of setting up a LRP order immediately after purchase. This is not required, but is the best way of continuing to purchase your ever-growing wish list of other oils and wellness products. This can be set up or deleted at any time with no cancellation fees, and is like Air Miles on steroids. To set up your LRP order now – Select “Set up your LRP Templet”

  13. Choose your preferred monthly shipping date (best to choose a date at the beginning of the month if you want to qualify for the free product of the month)

  14. Add your wish list items here

  15. Save all details

  16. Put a reminder in your calendar to review / edit your order 48 hours before the ship date. That is it!