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Limitless Rollerbottle Blend, Essential Oils, HOO Happiness Blog

Have you ever experienced those emotions that keep coursing through you like waves and knocking you down for days...sometimes even weeks?  

Among these emotions are: overwhelm, stress, exhaustion, and brain fog.    

These feelings come when they are least expected and tend to overstay their welcome.  

So to help combat these feelings I have created a new routine as well as a new roller bottle blend to help combat these feelings and take my control back.  

This routine also helps me bust through my own personal blocks and negative thought patterns that keep re-occuring.

Massive Action Routine to feel Limitless:

  • Clean up the space around you. Every space. When your area is clear and uncluttered you can function better. Your brain can think more clearly and you can operate at a higher level.

  • Brain dump. What is every single thing that its running through your head. Maybe it is a to do list or action item. Maybe it is an emotion, thought pattern or wish. Write it all down. When we put things to paper then we can stop re-thinking about them. We know we have them and we will not forget them so it is easier to let go of that thought once it comes around again.

  • Breathe. Sit back. Think inwards. Take a bath. Create space for your self. Rest. Take a time out. Even when you think you do not have the time to do that do it anyway. I am so certain that when we give ourselves the breaks we need clarity comes to us much faster.

  • Prioritize. Now that you have your list what is the absolute most important thing you need to do. Now just do that. Focus on one task and only one task. Once that task is done then you can move onto something else. But not until it is done. As you move down the list make sure you are always checking in with yourself that this is in fact the most important thing that needs to be done next. If it is not, ditch it and re-priorotize your list. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Create positive affirmations to repeat to yourself. This may feel misaligned at first but it has been scientifically proven to retrain your brain and then once that happens the universe starts to work with you to make it actually real. Believe in the power of positive thought. believe in affirmations. And work on changing your negative thought patterns. Every minute of everyday. There is a wonderful quote out there that if we said the things we say to ourselves to others we would truly see how hurtful and impactful they are.

  • Make this Limitless Blend and create an affirmation that goes along with it. Apply this blend daily or as needed to help you break barriers, create positive thought patters and to up-level.

Limitless Rollerbottle Blend, Essential Oils, HOO Happiness Blog

Limitless Rollerbottle Blend, Essential Oils, HOO Happiness Blog

Limitless Rollerbottle Blend:

In a 10ml Roller Bottle add the following:

  • *  10 drops of Arborvitae

  • *  10 drops of Lime

  • *  10 drops of Melissa

  • *  10 drops of Tangerine (or use Wild Orange)

  • Top the rest of the bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Let rest for 24 hours so the oils can beautifully blend together.

    Apply to your heart centre and pulse points at least once per day or as needed.  Apply while saying your affirmation (can be out loud of in your head).

    My Affirmation: “I am no longer burdened by my past or my troubles. There isn’t anything holding me back. I am a force to be reckoned with and a master at my game. I am ready to soar and light up the sky behind me."

Why did I choose these four oils??? 

Arborvitae: The Oil of Divine Grace:
:: Assists individuals who believe or act like all progress must be made through struggle and solitary effort
:: Help us find balance in our lives and know what we should hold close and what we should release
:: It asks individuals to relax, take a deep breath, and trust in the flow of life.

Lime: The Oil of Zest for Life
:: Helps when an individual is weighed down by discouragement or grief
:: Cleanses the heart, especially when there has been an accumulation of emotional toxins due to avoidance or repression.
:: Instills hope, joy, courage and the determination to face all of life’s challenges.

Melissa: The Oil of Light
:: Invites one to release everything and anything that holds them back from reaching their fullest potential
:: Uplifts and prepares one to “up-level"
:: When an individual feels too weighed down by the burdens of life, Melissa encourages them to keep going

Tangerine: The Oil of Cheer & Creativity
:: Power to lift the darkest of moods
:: Those who feel overburdened by responsibility benefit from Tangerine's uplifting vibration
:: Helps remove the excess

(The information below comes directly from Emotions & Essential Oils, 4th Edition: A Modern Resource for Healing Book)

This blend may also be used in the diffuser or as a room spray.  Now go on...make your blend and start breaking barriers, Uplifting and Up-leveling!!!

dōTERRA Essential Oil: Melissa The Oil of Light. Information taken from Emotions & Essential Oils, 4th Edition: A Modern Resource for Healing Book