Uplevel + Uplift Free Downloadable 10ml Rollerbottle Label Set

Uplevel + uplift Rollerbottle Label Set FREE DOWNLOAD

My beautiful business journey is full of some pretty incredible things:

  • Heart led leaders and mentors

  • Soulful community

  • Incredible clients that turn into amazing friends

  • The ability to share something I am passionate about and have it not feel even remotely close to the thing we call work

  • Hearing testimonials of stories that make my eyes leak and my heart melt

  • Creating. Mixing. And making blends with purpose.

  • Staying up late into the night and letting my creative juices flow in the design world

The result......New rollerbottle blends and what I think are stunning labels to compliment them.Many many many hours have been poured into testing / smelling these blends, designing the labels and the ebook, exporting to multiple formats (this is the longest part of it all), uploading, and creating this very post!It is a completely free resource for you!  So if you love it and appreciate the effort / work / time please share. 

Notes, Thoughts, Dilution + Blending

The recipes found in this e-book are based upon my own research and personal use of Essential Oils. I am not a doctor or a physician. Recipes mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I am disseminating information that has benefited my own life.Please tailor these roller bottle recipes to your preferred and needed dilution. These are personal recipes that I use on my adult body. If you are gifting these rollers or making them for someone else please tweak them for the proper dilution. These rollers are best used on adults.It may be wise to test a recipe to ensure it works for your body chemistry before you make a full roller bottle. Testing a recipe before you make a large batch ensures there is no wasting and that you are pleased with the aroma as well as the effects.Blending essential oils is an art. An art that I have not yet mastered. I have chosen these oils based on Emotions and Oils book and the desired result I was looking for. If These rollers are simply just blends I love and use. They are not scientifically put together or blended in the correct order or formula.

For Business Builders

If you are using these labels for a Make and Take Class or to give as gifts then you can use each page in this book as an information page that will easily print 4 per page.  This is why the full file below has each information page in a JPEG format.  You can follow the printing instruction below (the same as printing the labels) to drag each JPEG and make them 4 per page and then give one to each person that you give a roller to.  You can also print the description cards on a full page, put into a frame or into a plastic protective cover and place on the table so they know which station they are at and the blend that they are making.I also have included a "I am a Diamond" roller bottle label (same blend as the Shine Bright Like a Diamond) that you can give to your future or current Diamond Leader. 

Uplevel + Uplift 10ml RollerBottle Set


Printing These Labels + Description Cards

For these labels it is best to buy the full 8.5 x 11 sheets to print your labels and then cut out by hand. After I cut the label out I put a layer of packing tape on it and then add it to the label. This is not a perfect solution but very effective for helping make your roller oil and water resistant.You can buy vinyl labels to help make them a more oil resistant. Make sure your vinyl labels match your exact printer type.Make sure you fill all of your roller bottles with the recipes before applying the label. You can wipe the bottle clean from any left over residue, dry and apply the labels.I have a MacBook Pro so the PDF/JPEG files are very easy for me to maneuver. All I do is create a Pages document and pull the files of the labels I want to print inside Pages and re-arrange them to maximize the sheet. The files stay the size they are supposed to be and the whole thing is really seamless. I am told however that with a PC then using hte PDF files will be difficult without Adobe so this is why I have included JPEGs of all of the files.  Use the JPEG Files and then add them to your said program (word or other applications).I have also included collage files with all of the labels on one sheet for ease of printing.

Happy roller bottle making ;-). 

Free Downloadable Files Section

  1. Uplevel + Uplift E-Book PDF

  2. 10ml Rollerbottle Labels PDF

  3. 10ml RollerbottleLabels JPEG

  4. Description Cards

  5. Collage Sheets WITH OIL BLENDS PDF

  6. Full set OIL FREE PDF File

  7. Full set WITH OIL BLENDS PDF File