How to Set Yourself up for Successful Days

How to set yourself for successful days

I cannot help but wonder if sometimes we set ourselves up for failure.

If we write these long to do lists knowing that we will not accomplish everything we need to.

Or it progressively gets longer as the day goes on.

I feel like the sound of my alarm is like a gun going off some times.

The start of a long race I am not sure I can win.

Ring. Ring. Ring…

We are off.


From here.

To there.

And everywhere.

Trying to do this.

Get this.

Go here.

Pick up this.

It is an endless pile of dishes, laundry, toys and chores.

I feel lost it in all.

In fact, some days I feel like I am drowning.

There is barely time to play.

I could count the number of times I laugh on one hand.

Maybe even one finger.

And I move from one thing to the next grunting and hating it all.

Is this what I signed up for?

But what if it wasn't like that.

What if we just stopped.

Took a look in.

Asked ourselves what we really wanted to do.

And ignored the rest.What

if you actually took some dam time for yourself.

What……did I just say a bad word?

Yeah, I am not sorry.........Yourself.

Did you forget about you?

I know I have!

So this post is a way to find your way back.

Back to the basics.

Back to the things that YOU want.

Back to YOU!

Back to having days that are successful instead of stressful!

How to Set Yourself up for Successful Days:

  1. Bye Bye To Do List: 

    Do not create a to do list. Instead create an “accomplished list” at the end of the day.

  2. 1 Day out of 7:

    Take 1 day a week where you fly by the seat of your pants. Cancel everything in your day and do whatever you want. Lead your day instead of letting your day lead you.

  3. Time Blocks:

    Have uninterrupted time scheduled in. Whether you choose to read, journal, mediate, go for a work out or even work, plan it so that you are not bothered and get just hammer it out.

  4. Fit in exercise. 

    This is easier said than done. I know this! My son is on his second week of school vacation and I have not got one single workout in and I feel it. I know that exercise changes my game and so now I am making it a priority. Tomorrow Cayden goes to his papa’s and I am going for a run and working. Today, I just asked my neighbour if she would take him on Friday. Planned time. I know I cannot get it done with him so I better figure out how to get it done without him!

  5. Write a Joy list.
    What are things that make you excited? Happy? Joyful? Make list and try to at least do 3 of them every day.

  6. Six:Play Daily. 
I am reading a book right now where they talk about how Essential real play time is. It can ignite creativity and calm those crazy inner storms. Play. Not just for those around you but for yourself.

  7. Seven:Laugh. 
Try to laugh more times than you can count each day. I know it sounds lame….but laughter really is the best medicine. Are you getting your daily dose?

  8. Zen Time
    Try to take 5 or 10 minutes every day to give yourself some Zen time. All you have to do is make it silent. Keep still. And be alone. Sit like this for just 5 minutes a day. Do not try to control your thoughts. Just be. What needs to float around will float. Alone time is reflection time. And reflecting can help in healing those inner demons (I know you have some). I learned this at camp and it is called Silence, Stillness and Solitude.

  9. Pull vs. Push
    In life often times we are pushed towards things. Things our parents want us to do. Things our partners expect us to do. Pushed here. Pushed there. 
Well what if we focused on the things that pulled us. On the things that we wanted to work on. Jobs we want to take. Maybe moving to that new country. Stop listening to the nay sayers and the haters. Stop trying to put yourself in that box. Stop doing what others are tell you to do.Who were you before the world told you who to be?  Danielle LaPorteIf want you really want to do is build schools in third world countries instead of being in law school then do that.
Gravitate towards the things that pull you. Not to where you are pushed. 
You deserve that.
Ask yourself what it is that you REALLY want? In jobs, relationships, friendships and in your home life!

  10. Move forward:
    Sometimes moving forward means saying sorry. Or it means forgiving. No matter which one it is sometimes we have to accept it! Say sorry or forgive. 
Here is why……It helps take some of that heaviness off that we carry when we are hating what has just happened. And we cannot move forward as fast as we like when we are carrying extra weight. So do the nitty gritty to get rid of the baggage you have to advance forward at the pace you want.

  11. Move On.

    Move on from the toxic people and environments that you have in your life. Toxicity is the very things that stops success in its tracks. I know it can be lard to let go of those people. Or those jobs. Or that bar. But if there is any sort of negative energy there you cannot have that. Negativity breeds and all it breeds it more negativity. Nothing good can come of it. So if you want to have great days….better months….and successful years…..move on from what is dragging you down!SaveSave