Renew Rollerbottle Blend Recipe

As I sit down to create this blog post it is May 2019.

We have had a cold winter and an awkward start to Spring.

A few hot sunny days creeped in after the harsh winter.

But they were quickly followed by chilling nights and rainy days.

I am not sure what it means when weather has a huge effect on a person.

But cold dark weather sends me into a mild depression.

It makes the cold winters feel even colder.

Sinking into your bones.

This year has not been any different.

But how I am coming out of this winter is.

I feel like I am a brand new person.


I am still living in the fog of it all.

Shedding our old selves is a lengthy unravelling.


But really long.

I am still trying to process my 7 year long coma (I wrote about how I started to come out of my 7 year emotional coma here).

I feel almost like a caterpillar who is starting to build a butterfly inside the cocoon.

I know I will get to this really beautiful place but there is still work to do.

So much work.

The work we have to do on ourselves in never ending and always full of lessons.

I have accepted this as my new normal.


I first created this rollerbottle blend to help lift the fog.

To help bring in a new season.

To launch myself in a new way into an old place.

This rollerbottle blend started out being called REBIRTH.
The welcoming of the butterfly.

But then a new name was born….. RENEWAL.

It feels better.

And it feels better because I know I won’t always have a rebirth phase.
This phase feels big (or big to me).

But I can at any point have a renewal phase (and so can you).

So this has evolved over the last few weeks to be a RENEWAL ROLLERBOTTLE BLEND.

But just in case you like both names, both labels are included below for you.

Renewal Rollerbottle Blend + Free Downloadable Label

Here is the blend and a one liner explanation as to why I chose them.

For a deeper more dense look at the creation of this blend see the descriptions below


  • In a 10ml Rollerbottle blend add:

  • 11 drops of Serenity Restful Blend (allows for deep rest of the heart, body, mind + soul)

  • 11 drops of Green Mandarin (helps to unveil our potential + tap into opportunity)

  • 7 drops of Peppermint (awakens, invigorates + reminds us to seek happiness)

  • Topped with Fractionated Coconut Oil



Primary Benefits:

  • Invigorating + refreshing.  Can provide a positive energy boost when feeling fatigued.

  • Alleviates occasional stomach upset 

  • Promotes digestive health.

  • Helps reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion.

  • Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing

  • Apply topically to relieve feelings of tension

Emotional Benefits: The Oil of a Buoyant Heart *

  • Brings joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul.

  • It invigorates body, mind, and spirit, and reminds individuals that life can be happy, and they don’t have to be controlled by fear.

  • When individuals are disheartened, they may use Peppermint to rediscover the joy of being alive

  • Peppermint can assist individuals in regaining the strength needed to face their emotional reality.

Green Mandarin:

Primary Benefits:

  • Supports healthy nervous, digestive, and respiratory systems*

  • Soothing and uplifting

  • Helps maintain healthy immune function*

  • refreshing aroma that creates a bright and energized body

  • The limonene found in Green Mandarin makes it a highly cleansing oil - helps to protect the body from environmental threats.

Emotional Benefits: The Oil of Pure Potential *

  • Aids individuals in returning to their childhood delight + simplicity. 

  • Reminds individuals that they have direct access to pure potential + boundless opportunities.

  • When weighed down by emotional scars, self doubt or fear, it reminds us that this is temporary and abundant possibilities await those who dare to dream.

Serenity Restful Blend:

Primary Benefits:

  • Has a calming + renewing fragrance. 

  • Promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment.

  • Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions.

  • Promotes relaxation and decreases stress.

  • Helps to reduce anxious feelings.

Emotional Benefits: The Oil of Tranquility *

  • Invites you to relinquish feelings of stress, anxiousness + overwhelm 

  • Supports those with an overactive mind + inability to unwind.

  • Encourages individuals to reconnect with themselves and discover the peace that lies within.

  • Invites individuals to acknowledge when they feel out of balance + to allow time for space and renewal.

**** IMPORANT NOTE: The Emotional Benefits of this post are learned from the “Emotions and Essential Oils” Book
A book I highly recommend to deep dive into any emotional challenges or growth you want to have.


Click the link to download the PDF or JPEG Images of each label


Type of labels to purchase
For these labels it is best to buy the full 8.5 x 11 sheets to print your labels. I have found that there are so many labels out there so this was the only way I could figure out a solution. I am not sure how many different types of labels I purchased over time and how many were unsuccessful. Oh the wasted ink and added recycling ;-( You can buy full label sheets at any office store or online. As well, you can buy vinyl ones to help make them a more oil resistant. If you are going to purchase vinyl labels here is my suggestion: You need to look for the labels that match your printer type. For example - if you have laser jet they must be laser jet vinyl type labels- if you have ink jet - you must buy vinyl ink jet labels. One will not work with the other.

Printing & Prepping Tips
If vinyl are not an option for you then a really great way to make them water and oil resistant (as best as they can be) is to tape the entire sheet with packing tape (or even scotch tape) and then cut them out! As well, make sure you fill all of your roller bottles with the recipes before applying the label. You can wipe the bottle clean from any left over residue, dry and apply the labels. If you do the packing tape trick then when one end of the label meets the other, it has a hard time sticking together. To ensure the label sticks completely, where the ends meet, I apply a small piece of scotch tape that is the exact size of the label and width of the bottle.

Macintosh vs Personal Computer
I have a MacBook Pro so the PDF file listed here is very easy for me to maneuver. All I do is create a Pages document and pull the PDF files of the labels I want to print inside Pages and re-arrange them to maximize the sheet. The PDF files stay the size they are supposed to be and the whole thing is really seamless. I am told however that with a PC there are a few things to take note of.
If you do not have adobe or you cannot add your PDF files to your said program (word or other applications) then please use the JPEG file and insert those in your preferred program.

Happy roller bottle making ;-).