Perks & Pitfalls of Being an Entrepreneur

Perks & Pitfalls of Being an Entrepreneur

I hummed and hawed about writing this particular post.  Recently a very good friend of mine jumped into business for herself.  And although this is an amazing feat, for someone who is  brand new to the entrepreneurship world it can be....well....shocking.  She really had no idea about the negatives or positives of the business.  So after a few chats I took the nuggets and created this post for you:

Perks & Pitfalls of Being an Entrepreneur:


  1. Shoulder responsibility
    When something doesn't go right or when there is an issue it falls on you. There is no one higher to take the blame or help absorb the fall. It means you need to have strong shoulders, strong will and you have to be able to handle when sh!t hits the fan.

  2. Wear a lot of different hats at one time
    In the beginning of entrepreneurship it is financially challenging to hire help. So you end up wearing a lot of different hat. You have to learn different platforms, programs. Build your own website. Track your expenses and revenue (ok, I never do that), design images, create branding, source new clients, market, write…..Should I go on.

  3. Juggle
    I am not in a circus nor am I a professional juggler. But I have learned that every entrepreneur needs to learn how to juggle. Your time, your schedule, your family, obligations, groceries, personal deadlines, accounts, clients. If you do not craft a schedule that you stick to daily you can find all of the pieces you have going smoothly in the air come crashing down on your head.

  4. All Alone
    Entrepreneurship can be very lonely. It can be a lot of hours in front of a screen acting, writing and doing and not a lot of time with real people. I found that the best ways to combat this was to always brainstorm in masterminds or with friends and to ensure my week is booked with team and client appts. That way it feels a lot less lonely. Maybe that is just the extrovert in me craving personal connection.

  5. Always on the brain
    As a business owner I am always thinking about the things I need to do, where I want to take my business and how to make it better. Often times you can find my white board scribbled with random words or ideas because I thought of them while unloading the groceries or vacuuming. I also have a ton of notes on my iPhone of things I want to get to or ways I want to tweak and rework things I have already done.I am constantly thinking about my business. There is not an off button. I take my work everywhere I go where before I could leave it at the office door. It is very different now.

  6. Hello Expenses
    I had no idea what it actually took to run an online business. I thought it was simple. But the more I dig into it the more I see the programs or services that make your brand better. I try to run my business as cost effectively as possible but there are some expenses I have to incur. It is the price of doing business.Currently I pay for things like: My website platform, AWeber Email Service, HootSuite Social Media posts are just to name a few.

  7. Sacrifice
    You have to ask yourself the hard questions. How bad do you want this? What are you willing to give up to get there? What will you have to sacrifice? Or cut out to make this vision possible?You do not get into online entrepreneurship to think that it is all going to be easy, roses and sunshine. It takes hard work, dedication and consistency. Can you hack it?

  8. It isn’t for the soft hearted
    I often wonder if I can hack this business. I take no’s very personally. And this type of business is not for the soft hearted. You have to be able to take the knock downs and keep getting back up. Business is like boxing. It is not a question of how many hits you can take. Instead it is, will a TKO keep you out of the game for good or will you get back in the training ring?

  9. Not easy
    I knew that this road was not going to be easy. But some days I wonder why it is so bloody hard. I have my good days and bad days like anyone else. But it is on those really hard days…..when the writing isn't easy….when what your juggling falls right on your head…..when you hear 12 no’s in a row……when all of your expenses are piling up and it is not your money making month……when your emails don't get opened….and your blog numbers are down….It is not easy. Not now and likely not ever. You just have to ask yourself if it is worth it?


  1. Work whenever you want
    I choose the hours I want to work. The days I want to work. I set my schedule and I treat it like a job. I stick to my schedule 90% of the time. But I don’t have to. This is something I have trained myself to do.What my schedule looks like right now:I take my son to school, go to the gym and when I am done I knock out a solid hour of work before I pick him up. Then when he has a nap I have at least 2 hours more. If he wants some chill time in the afternoon, I don't turn on the TV, I open my laptop and see what else I can attack. Sometimes I work after he goes to bed. Sometimes I don’t.That is the beauty of running my own business. I work whenever I want. No one else controls my day, where I need to be, my schedule or my working hours.

  2. Work from wherever you want
    Coffee shop, the gym, the car, on vacation, at a friends house, visiting family. On a beach, on a boat…..where ever you go - your work can go. I run 50% of my business through my laptop and the other 50% with my iPhone. Those are the perks of technology.

  3. Take the time off you need
    I craft my own schedule and I work it around my personal life. The best part, I put my family first, always. Because I am the one calling the shots. If my kid is sick I can stay on the couch and cuddle with him. My clients know that I am a mompreneur and if I need to cancel they are always understanding. My team and I have set times during the week that we meet and connect but if I cannot make it, they get it.Have you ever had a job where they let you take all of the time off that you needed? Come in late so you can take your kid to school? Leave early to pick them up? Unlimited sick days so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones? Yeah, not likely!Crafting my own schedule and designing the life I want is by far one of the best perks about this in my opinion.

  4. YOU reap all of the Rewards
    When you work for someone else you work on a set wage or a base salary. Lets say you earn the company a million dollars that year or their profits are an extra million. Do you get any of that? Not likely. And if so, it is definitely not going to be anywhere near what it could be if you earned it all on your own. Being an entrepreneur means you take all of the downfalls but you reap all of the benefits. So when I bring in a significant amount of income, it is all mine. I am not capped on what I can make.My income potential is unlimited. Let me repeat that……my income potential is unlimited. How cool is that?

  5. Building your own empire
    There is an african proverb that says “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”The same can be said about starting your own business and building it brick by brick. The best time to start with one brick was 5 years ago. The second best time is now. Because eventually, brick after brick that you lay, soon turns into your own empire.If you want to learn about how you can start building your own business now: click here

  6. Not working Slave cheque to slave cheque
    When you work for someone else you are essentially building their dream. You are helping them build their empire one brick at a time. They define what you are worth based on what you can offer them. Based on what your resume says. You end up working salve cheque to slave cheque with minimum vacation days and a whole lot of extra hours. You work just enough so that they do not fire you and they pay you just enough so that you do not quit.When you are an entrepreneur you are not working for anyone else. You are working for yourself. You are crafting your future and building the business you want. It is so liberating!

  7. Hire your dream team
    I am not the only person who has worked with people they have loathed or hated. I have even worked for people that I have had zero respect for. And I hated every single minute of it.I have left really incredible jobs because I worked with someone that I could not stand. My dad used to tell me that I am always going to find people that I do not like or cannot work with. And that was true until I started running my own gig. Now I can actually work with who I want. I can design the team I want.I think the coolest part about this business is that every day I go to work with my best friends.People who lift me up, encourage me and inspire me. I crafted a dream team and you can too!

  8. You set the standard
    I worked at one restaurant that I loved. But their philosophy was that if you ordered it you eat it. Or you order something else. I grew up in the service industry and we always tried to please the client. Whether they were right or wrong. So when I took this waitressing job and they didn't put the client first, I left.Company standards are important. Values are important. Culture is important. And we need to work in places and with people that align with our personal standard and culture.When you are an entrepreneur you can set your won standards and they can be as high as you like!

  9. Work in your pyjamas
    Sure, dress clothes are nice. They look pretty. Those heels are knockouts. And wow, I love a man in a suit. But holy batman I love working in my pyjamas. Or my yoga pants. Or a hoodie.I may put on makeup for a client call. I for sure put on clothes. But I may not always be wearing something nice. Classy. Or clean even. heck, I might not even be wearing a bra.And isn't that the best perk of all?

Are you ready to run your own happy home based business?

Are you ready for all of the awesome perks of being an entrepreneur?

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