Non Toxic + Chemical Free DIY Sunscreen

Chemical Free, Non Toxic DIY Sunscreen

For the last two summers I have been making my own sunscreen. I shared the recipe on social media but I never posted it on the blog.

I wanted to make sure it was a recipe I was really sure about.

Well… I am not!

And here is why. Please read before making this sunscreen:

  1. I have no idea what SPF this actually is. I can make a guess but I really cannot be sure.
    I think it is about 20 SPF and needs to be re-applied every hour - especially with kids. It is somewhat waterproof because of the coconut oil inside - that helps to create a barrier on the skin.

  2. My son and I have skin that loves the sun and we naturally tan. I have no idea how this sunscreen will work on fair skin that burns easy because I truly cannot test that.

  3. Due to the zinc oxide - it has a white tint when going on the skin. A great way to tell when you need to reapply is not when your skin has absorbed all of the oil or cream but when there is no longer a little bit of a white tint. 
    This white tint can be a huge turn off for people. But I would rather have a white tint on my skin than lather it with ingredients I do not know.

  4. This is a little bit oily / greasy on the skin and can make your clothes messy so be mindful of that when applying.  Since we use a natural laundry soap, when this sunscreen hits our clothes it is really hard to get out.

  5. Due to the grease and oil factor I have no idea what this does to home pools or natural pools and the filters. When we did have a tiny pool in our yard my, it would leave an oily film on the surface and my husband cursed that he had to clean the filter all of the time. So just a word of warning for home pools and filters.

  6. It burns the eyes. This is super hard for kids. I have to be very very mindful of how we place this and make sure it is rubbed in really well.

  7. When purchasing zinc oxide you need to purchase non nano so that it won’t be absorbed into the skin. Also this is not something you want to breathe in!

Myths + Awareness

Important Articles that I read before I made this - I suggest you do the same.

They talk about myths to making your own sunscreen, sun safety, skin cancer, ingredients, awareness and a ton of other things I never even considered.


So now with all of that information and knowledge here is sunscreen recipe I have made and use.

This is a blend of a few of the recipes I found online but I adjusted it with ingredients I use often and almost always have in the house.

It is not perfect, but I love that I know what is in the sunscreen I am slathering all over the body of my sweet boy.

Chemical Free, Non Toxic DIY Sunscreen

Non Toxic + Chemical Free DIY Sunscreen

In a double broiler melt:

  • 1/2 cup organic coconut oil

  • 1/2 cup organic shea butter

  • 4 tablespoons organic beeswax pastilles

    Once completed melted, remove from heat.

    Use a mixer / blender / immersion blender to add:

  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons non nano zinc oxide (do not breathe in)

  • 15 drops of dōTERRA Lavender essential oil

  • 15 drops of dōTERRA Helichrysum essential oil

    Mix all ingredients together well
    Add to a plastic container (made that mistake) and let cool completely. 

    Separate into smaller plastic containers for travel use.
    Keep extras in the fridge to extend their shelf life.
    Should keep for 1-2 months


If you want a super easy sunscreen lotion that does not need to be water proof then you can also whip this up really fast:

  • 4 oz natural, chemical free, scent free dōTERRA Hand and Body Lotion

  • 8 drops dōTERRA Helichrysum essential oil

  • 4 drops dōTERRA Lavender essential oil

  • 1 tablespoon zinc oxide

    Mix all ingredients together well. Store in a plastic container for easy travel use.

    Great to apply daily onto your face to protect from the sun