"I Will Rise Up" Roller Bottle Blend

I will rise up 10ml RollerBottle Essential Oil Blend dōTERRA

Life can be heavy.

Really heavy.

Days are hard to get through. 

The struggle becomes real.

We feel so weighted down that we lose our inner spark.

The fire goes out and we feel so lost with so way out.

Or maybe that is just how I feel sometimes.

Recently I posted a whole set of

free Uplevel + Uplift 10ml Roller Bottle Labels

 but I never went into detail about why I created each blend and the significance of each oil inside.

I spent months creating the blends and putting the whole post together.

I did it for a few reasons.....one, to give value to my beautiful community of followers and readers......and two, because I needed a way to step into my creative side.  To step back but not away.  To forget about my duties and responsibilities.  To forget about the expectations that I put on myself.

And to just create.

Designing is something I really love to do but I feel like I don't have time for it.  My time should be used for activities that actually bring in the dollars.  Or that is the story I tell myself.

This blend that I am sharing here is a roller bottle I applied and a blend I would diffuse to help be release the expectations and burdens on myself.  To help bring my creativity side out.

I came to a point where it was all just flowing out of me and I could not stop or break the chain.  I worked on all of the details.... reading... studying... mixing... blending.... designing.... exporting... blogging.... until it was done.  And I was excited about it.  Excited to be working on it.  It was no longer this thing I couldn't do but this thing I had to do.  

I am still so happy with the finished product.

I hope that you will be too.

I will rise up 10ml Roller Bottle Blend Label JPEG


In a 10ml Roller Bottle Add:
💧9 Drops of Red Mandarin
💧9 Drops of Tangerine
💧9 Drops of Ylang Ylang.
Top with Fractionated Coconut Oil.


Apply to one of these areas: the base of neck, along each side of the spine, pulse points (neck + wrists), or to the bottoms of feet. Apply as often as needed or desired.


RED MANDARIN: THE OIL OF CHILDLIKE PERSPECTIVE It invites individuals to see life through childlike eyes, appreciating the sweetness, wonder, and innocence in life.Red Mandarin invites adults to not be so easily set back or weighed down by the cares of life.Helps remind parents of the magic and miracle of the lives they have created or accepted.This oil encourages all to remember the innocence of childhood. It invites them to accept that the years of influence are short; life’s seasons change, and children are constantly evolving, learning, and growing.Red Mandarin reassures all who are overwhelmed that even though adult cares and concerns can be hard, life is still full of sweet moments that deserve to be noticed.


Tangerine’s strong qualities of cheer and joyfulness can lift the darkest of moods.It can assist those who feel cut off from the lightness of heart often manifested by children.Those who feel overburdened by responsibility would benefit from Tangerine’s uplifting vibration.Tangerine invites individuals to make room for their creative side, and asks that they reinsert fun, joy, and spontaneity into their lives.Tangerine supports individuals in accessing the abundant pool of creative energy held within the spirit. It then assists that energy in flowing through the heart and into physical manifestation.Tangerine teaches individuals to enjoy life by being more abundantly creative and to reexperience the joy and cheerfulness they knew in childhood.


Ylang Ylang is a powerful remedy for the heart. Ylang Ylang reconnects individuals with the inner child and the pure, simple ways of the heart. It encourages play and restores a childlike nature and innocence. It assists in accessing intuition or “heart knowing.” Ylang Ylang is also a powerful remedy for releasing emotional trauma from the past. Ylang Ylang also assists individuals in releasing bottled-up emotions such as anger and sadness. Feelings that have been buried inside are brought to the light through Ylang Ylang’s assistance. This oil allows emotional healing to flow naturally, nurturing the heart through the process. It reminds the individual that joy can be felt and experienced more fully by allowing the heart its full range of emotions.

Block quote written text is referenced from: Enlighten. Emotions & Essential Oils, 6th Edition: A Reference Guide for Emotional Healing 


I will rise up 10ml Roller Bottle Blend Label JPEG

I will rise up 10ml Roller Bottle Blend Label JPEG

  1. JPEG Version

  2. PDF Version


Type of labels to purchase For these labels it is best to buy the full 8.5 x 11 sheets to print your labels. I have found that there are so many labels out there so this was the only way I could figure out a solution. I am not sure how many different types of labels I purchased over time and how many were unsuccessful. Oh the wasted ink and added recycling ;-( You can buy full label sheets at any office store or online. As well, you can buy vinyl ones to help make them a more oil resistant. If you are going to purchase vinyl labels here is my suggestion: You need to look for the labels that match your printer type. For example - if you have laser jet they must be laser jet vinyl type labels- if you have ink jet - you must buy vinyl ink jet labels. One will not work with the other.

Printing & Prepping Tips If vinyl are not an option for you then a really great way to make them water and oil resistant (as best as they can be) is to tape the entire sheet with packing tape (or even scotch tape) and then cut them out! As well, make sure you fill all of your roller bottles with the recipes before applying the label. You can wipe the bottle clean from any left over residue, dry and apply the labels. If you do the packing tape trick then when one end of the label meets the other, it has a hard time sticking together. To ensure the label sticks completely, where the ends meet, I apply a small piece of scotch tape that is the exact size of the label and width of the bottle.

Macintosh vs Personal Computer I have a MacBook Pro so the PDF files that you purchased are very easy for me to maneuver. All I do is create a Pages document and pull the PDF files of the labels I want to print inside Pages and re-arrange them to maximize the sheet. The PDF files stay the size they are supposed to be and the whole thing is really seamless. I am told however that with a PC there are a few things to take note of. If you do not have adobe or you cannot add your PDF files to your said program (word or other applications) then please use the JPEGs folders for all of your files and insert those in your preferred program. To help eradicate this issue I have included a collage file with all of the labels on one sheet for ease of printing.Happy roller bottle making ;-).