Healthy Fats Chocolate Green Smoothie

Healthy Fats Chocolate Green Smoothie

Once upon a time I used to drink a Green Smoothie every day.

Now, today, as I write this, I can’t even remember the last time I made a green smoothie. 

That’s how long I have been so off track. 

A green smoothie was a part of my daily routine. Something I looked forward to. 

Now it’s just another thing “I have” to do. 

I know that getting my health game back on track is simple. It’s in the small decisions we make everyday like choosing to have a smoothie instead of another carb loaded meal. 

But nothing seems simple or feels simple when you are not in the right emotional mindset. Instead it all feels like extra work. 

Day by day I hope to get back to my old routine. 

To when health decisions are not decisions but rituals that I have built in.

So to all of you mamas deep in the struggle. 

In the “should”, “must”, and “have to” mental war. Full of physical exhaustion from the mental race race. 

Cheers to you. 

To trying to make it all work. 

To balancing the beautiful and ugly. 

And to trying to find your way through the madness. 

You are a great mom. 

You are a great person. 

Love and gratitude,




Healthy Fats Chocolate Green Smoothie

🍌1 frozen banana

🥬1 cup spinach

🍫1 tbsp cacao

🥄1 tbsp MCT oil

🥛2 cups mylk

Blend on high for 2min. 

Enjoy your power packed, healthy fat, superfood filled, chocolatey goodness. 

Benefits of MCT Oil:

  1. Energy booster

  2. Increases endurance

  3. Better brain and memory function

  4. Can Help with Weight Loss or Maintenance

  5. Lowers cholesterol

  6. Lowers blood sugar levels

  7. Helps Protect Heart Health

  8. Mood Balancer

  9. Supports Healthy Digestion

  10. Increases Nutrient Absorption

Learn More

MCT oil has a very different makeup than regular coconut oil. Dr. Axe has written a really in depth post that you can read here about the difference between the two as well as all of the awesome health benefits that come with enjoying MCT oil.