Happy Healthy Vegan Hot Chocolate

Happy Healthy Vegan Hot Chocolate from HOO Happiness

For me, summer is a time for chilled beverages and blended smoothies.

As the crispness of Fall arrives I am ready for scarves, bulky sweaters and warms cups of goodness.

Here is one of my favourite recipes that is healthy, vegan and tastes so darn good you wouldn't believe how much it is actually benefiting your body.Packed full of healthy fats and super foods this will soothe your soul and feed your body!

Happy Healthy Vegan Hot Chocolate:

Use all organic ingredients.

  • ⭐ 1 mug of Almond Mylk

  • ⭐ 1 heaping tablespoon cocoa

  • ⭐ 1 tsp stevia (or honey if you are not a strict vegan)

  • ⭐ 1 tsp vanilla

  • ⭐ 1 tsp coconut oil

    Directions:Heat mylk and coconut oil to desired temperature.  
    Add all ingredients to a blender.  
    Blend for 30 sec.  
    Serve hot.

This is a truly decadent beverage to not only warm your soul but fill your body with goodness!

WARNING - do not drink this beverage 2-4 hours before bedtime.  
Many of us who have drank it have noticed an increase in energy and when had before bed none of us have slept!

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