Free Downloadable Daily Planner Page

Free Downloadable Daily Planner Page

I have always believed that setting yourself up for success is something that you plan and do daily.I have a set morning routine that I do 99% of the time.When I do this and plan out my day I achieve more and feel more aligned.It also helps me to stay organized and only attacking the items that are actually important for that day.

My Morning Routine:

Here is what my morning looks like.  You can see that this type of morning is a way for me to love on myself a little bit because it is full of high vibes:
💗 Turn on Salt Lamps.
💗 Fill + start my diffuser (the oils I use each morning change and are intuitively chosen based on my mood + need).
💗 Fill my 1L water bottle + is the first thing I will my body with.
💗 Prep + brew my organic coffee in my Italian stove pot.  I add a couple of dashes of cinnamon (heavenly)
💗 Take my high quality supplements - only the best for my body!
💗 Apply a heart centered roller bottle blend (usually this abundance blend)
💗 Write 5 things I’m grateful for on my daily planner
💗 Plan my entire day and priorites

My Homemade Daily Planner Page


I have had a lot of planners in my day.  I cannot even count the different ones I have purchased or even the money I have wasted.  I start each one and never finish it.  I have NEVER found a planner that meets all of my needs.So after wasting not 1 but 3 planners in one year I decided to make my own planner page.I posted this once on Social Media explaining what I do each morning and I surprisingly got a lot of requests for my planner page.  I had no idea that this would be something people would be interested in.  So I thought I would post an edited version here and make it available to anyone who is interested.Here is what my personal planner page looks like just in case you are curious

What is on the Planner Page

  1. Easy way to write the date

  2. Word for the day. I use this as my way to focus on my goal and how I want to feel. Words I usually write are High-Vibe. Loved. Accomplished. Energized.

  3. Affirmation. I change this daily and write an affirmation statement that I am needing for heart. Something that is positive and reminds me of what is important. If you want to learn why I think affirmations are so important, the science behind them and my personal affirmation list you can see all of that here on my HOO Happiness Fan Page

  4. Morning, Afternoon, Evening To Do List Section. My personal page looks very different then the one I have laid out for you. This will allow you to write in any of the items that you need to attack. For myself I have the same items repeated over here that I want to do each day so I stay in alignment. To make this page useful to the many I have just put empty boxes here.

  5. Gratitude. Since I started writing 5 things I am grateful for everyday I have noticed that more amazingness and magic comes into my life. I think when we write what we are truly grateful for each day we ground ourselves to a universal energy that we cannot ever see or feel. Regardless of whether you believe this or not, writing what you are grateful for each day reminds us of the positives we have in our life!

  6. Food Diary. As a person who has to live with and manage Diverticulitis it is very important for me to keep track of what I am eating so that on the days I have pain I can see what the triggers are. This is also a great way to be mindful of what we are putting in our mouths. It is very easy to forget that we ate 6 Oreos in the afternoon and two bowls of ice cream in the evening if we are not tracking it. We tend to only remember the big things we eat. So this can help you stay on track with your health goals.

  7. Fitness + Water consumption. My personal goal is to drink 4L of water every day and to move my body at least once a day. This is where I keep track of all of that. Or some days there is nothing written there at all. But I do notice that when I do my fitness I achieve way more in my day.

  8. Appointments booked. I need to see what is consuming my time and where I need to be first thing in the morning. Sometimes my reminders are not set perfectly in my iCal and I get a reminder for something 2 hours before I have to do it which can be less than idealistic. So when I write them and see them first thing in the morning I can make a clear plan as to how I am going to get them all done.

  9. Personal + Business goals. I have these two sections because I cannot have my personal mixed in with my business. It messes with my brain and things are all foggy. This is a clear cut way for me to see what I need to attack in both my worlds.

  10. Love notes. This section I use for who I want to love on. Messages I need to send. Packages I need to put in the mail. Or ways to love on my boys that are outside of the box. You can use this for notes in general. Reminders. or even your grocery items. However you want to use this!

  11. For tomorrow. If your brain is anything like mine than your thoughts are very jumpy and sporadic. I jump ahead to the next day and if I do not write it down I forget. So I have this section here for the things I need to remember for the next day. Or when I know there is a high priority item that must be done the next day I write it here. I also try really hard to review my day each night and push over to the next day the items I didn't get done.

There are 3 files for you to download for free:

  1. A raw iWork Pages file so you can edit it as you wish (you must have a Mac computer and the iwork Pages program to do this)Click this link here for the raw file

  2. A PDF versionClick this link here for the PDF version

  3. A JPEG

How to Use this Planner Page

I had my husband print these at his work.  He printed them for me front and back so we did not waste paper.  I had 300 total pages printed and then he bound them in a coil book for me.I had two friends take these to a printing place and have them printed just that way (Staples).I think printing these at home could become costly so I do not advise that.  If you can have them printed someplace else that would be best.If you have any questions about this planner page please email me at wish for you is that this planner page is a great way for you to start your day and keep you on track to meet all of your daily goals!
Happy Planning!