I like to write.

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Correction, I love to write.

I love typing my thoughts out because it is really easy to back, edit, add, delete without my page looking like a complete disaster.

But when it comes to planning, scheduling and brain dumping - there is something about putting a pen to paper that I love.

I have had (and wasted) so many planners in my life. I start using them and then find that they are not tailored specifically to my own needs.

So I created one.

I created my first Daily Planner Page here and since then I have edited, tweaked it and messed around with it.

On my own personal sheet I have a specific essential oil routine in the blocks on the top that you see labelled Morning, Afternoon and Evening. My sheet has been revised so many times because what I use continues to evolve and grow into something different.
But this time around I wanted to give it a face lift.

I recently completed a program with Hol:Fit called Healthy Habits and it was incredible at anchoring new rituals into my life.

It inspired me to redo the whole planning page.

So here is the new sheet.

I hope it serves you well.

Maybe even better than the old one.

What is on the Planner Page

  1. Easy way to write the date - just circle the letter that corresponds to the correct day, add in the month and number. Done. I wonder how many times in our life we have written that actual word Monday …Tuesday… Wednesday….

  2. Word for the day. I use this as my way to focus on my goal and how I want to feel. Words I usually write are High-Vibe. Loved. Accomplished. Energized.

  3. Affirmation. I change this daily and write an affirmation statement that I am needing for heart. Something that is positive and reminds me of what is important. If you want to learn why I think affirmations are so important, the science behind them and my personal affirmation list you can see all of that here on my HOO Happiness Fan Page

  4. Morning, Afternoon, Evening To Do List Section. My personal page looks very different then the one I have laid out for you. This will allow you to write in any of the items that you need to attack. For myself I have the same items repeated over here that I want to do each day so I stay in alignment. To make this page useful to the many I have just put empty boxes here.

  5. Fitness. I have a personal goal to move my body for at least 30 minutes every day. I change up the things I do so this is where I keep track of what I did so I can plan what I need to do going forward.

  6. Fuel. As a person who has to live with and manage Diverticulitis it is very important for me to keep track of what I am eating so that on the days I have pain I can see what the triggers are. This is also a great way to be mindful of what we are putting in our mouths. It is very easy to forget that we ate 6 Oreos in the afternoon and two bowls of ice cream in the evening if we are not tracking it. We tend to only remember the big things we eat. So this can help you stay on track with your health goals.

  7. Commitments. What have I committed to? Scheduled? Where is my attention being pulled?
    Seeing visually what my commitments are for the day helps me to get clear on what my priorates are.
    What can I cancel is my favourite question of the day.

  8. Action. What do I HAVE to do. I write everything on here from laundry, to groceries to scheduling dates. I also know when I think I need more room to write I need to reevaluate how much I can actually get done on the day. It makes me evaluate what are the most important things and only write those down.

  9. Gratitude. Since I started writing 5 things I am grateful for everyday I have noticed that more amazingness and magic comes into my life. I think when we write what we are truly grateful for each day we ground ourselves to a universal energy that we cannot ever see or feel. Regardless of whether you believe this or not, writing what you are grateful for each day reminds us of the positives we have in our life!

  10. Future. If your brain is anything like mine than your thoughts are very jumpy and sporadic. I jump ahead to the next day and if I do not write it down I forget. So I have this section here for the things I need to remember for the next day or days to come. It helps to remind me what still needs to come down the pipeline.


I hope you enjoy the revised planner!

Sending love, hugs and awesome vibes your way.


Free Download: Daily Planner Page
Free Download: Daily Planner Page Revised