25 Game Changing Strategies to Elevate Your Life

25 Game Changing Strategies to Elevate your life

I wanted to share with you some of the strategies that I have implemented in my life that have helped to me change my personal and professional game.  

These are really easy ideas that I have added into my life on a day to day basis to get more sh*t done.

Some are strategies that you may have read before and some may be brand new to you.  

But they are yours now.  Take them - use them - change them - add one or as many as you like.

 I hope that you find them beneficial and maybe even a bit exciting to start!It would be very helpful to me if you could comment below and let me know if think these strategies will help change the game for you.

 Or if you know of different strategies that could help me to up level my life even more, I am all ears.  I love learning, growing and advancing so bring it on! 

25 Game Changing Strategies To Elevate Your Life:

  1. Go Green
    I started making green smoothies every single day.  Not only are they delicious but the health benefits of green smoothies really are mind blowing.  Getting veggies, and fruit in one delicious cup is a way to set my morning up for success.  It is also so amazing to have a thoughtless breakfast and snack.  Since I drink them every single morning, it takes the guessing out of what I am going to eat.  I also make a big enough batch that there is enough left over for a snack setting my afternoon up for success.  The other bonus is that my son loves them and is the only way he gets his greens (I bet some of you moms know exactly what I am talking about!) 

  2. Increased Energy
    I seriously lack in energy.  I have no idea if it is being a mom (or being married ;-)) but I feel like I have about a 1/4 of the energy that I used to.  So I did a lot of reading and since then I have been upping my protein levels (without eating more meat).  This has radically changed the amount of sleep I get, the focus I have during the day and thankfully - my energy level.  So if you are having issues sleeping, have high stress levels or a lack of energy - protein may be your answer!   I learned this about the same time I said I wanted to be a full blown vegetarian again so it has been hard.  I am trying really hard to eat only a little bit of lean meat (no more than 3x per week) - so to ensure I get high levels of protein daily I do the following:  Protein shakes, lots of eggs, tuna, add peanut butter or almonds to my smoothies, greek yogurt bowls, substitute beans for carbs whenever I can, quinoa and unfortunately tofu (blah).   Try having protein at every single meal and snack time and see if you notice a difference in your sleep, moods, stress and energy!  You may be surprised! 

  3. Clean the Clutter
    When my house is messy my  brain is messy.  But sometimes you cannot get everything organized and cleaned when it comes time to sit down and work.  This is why I keep the promise to myself to keep my office tidy.  Since my office is the spare bedroom, clothes line and random storage room I work hard to keep it as tidy as possible because when it is a disaster I cannot focus properly on my work.  So if there is a room you use for you office, workouts, meditation etc - make sure that when it is time to get down to business it is clutter free.  It will help you focus and get the job done!  Make this your very fist commitment and priority! 

  4. Rise Early
    I am committed to re-joining the 5am club.  Once upon a time I would wake up every morning (except Sundays) at 5am.  I would have my coffee, journal and then go to the gym.  I did this religiously until I got pregnant.  And since then I have never been back into that exclusive club.  So I now have an 8 week schedule in place to help me get from a 7am morning routine to a 5am wake up.  It is not a hurry hard plan but a slow, smart, not so shocking to my system plan that will lead to me to success (vs. dread and disappointment).  If you want to have a time of day where you can really attack your to do list or to have an entire hour to yourself - this is the time to do it - when the rest of the world sleeps.  5am was my highest achieving time frame so I use it as a working period.  But others use it as their holy hour, meditation time, journal time or just all around personal time.  If you need some specific time carved out of the day this may be a plan for you. 

  5. Listen & Learn
    I recently added inspiring podcasts or training videos/audio recordings to my phone so I can listen to them anytime excuse free.  This includes shower time, cooking, and park play time.  I can no longer say that I do not have the time to do that.  Instead I need to find the times within my day that allow for me to be slightly distracted!  Cleaning and cooking is right up there as my prime education times.  For a few of my friends this is driving or commuting time.When we educate ourselves personally or professionally we grow our lives by leaps and bounds not seen by the human eye!  When we stop learning, we stop growing.  So I encourage you to find just 30 minutes each day to grow yourself.  Whether it is through reading, training, listening…..find something that advances you and do it as often as you can. 

  6. Helping Hand
    I finally caved and started asking for help.  I have big dreams and big goals.  So now I am trading oils for services which include an incredible designer, life coach and a wonderful partner.   I am learning I really cannot do it all myself.  So it is time I put my big girl pants on and asked for help where I need it most.  I can almost bet there are a few places you could take some weight off and ask for help too.  Maybe it isn’t hired help, or trade help - but help from a family or friend!  Stop putting the brakes on and ask.  I can guarantee that there are a ton of people in your life who would not only love to help but feel honoured that you asked.  Give it a try! 

  7. Lights OutI have a tendency to work when Cayden goes to bed.  And sometimes when I do I truly have no idea what the heck time it is. There is not a sound to distract me, a voice calling my name or hands pulling me to see something.  I truly can get lost in my work and when I look up it is so late and I know I will not function very well the next day.  So I have stopped working past 11:00pm and have set my bedtime for 11:30pm regardless of the time I am waking up at.  If I start to get into something heavy I turn on my alarm and when it goes off I physically close my screen and just leave what ever I am doing to be done the next time.   Work will always be there.  But to function at your best you need to know the limits.So choose a bedtime (sound childish?) and stick to it.  Try to do it for a minimum of 2 weeks and see if you feel like you are functioning better.  Believe it or not but our bodies and our brains love consistency and schedules! 

  8. Play Dates
    Play dates are not just for kids.  They are for adults too!  I started making coffee dates and plans with friends a priority.  I leave now even when the dishes aren’t done and the beds aren’t made.  The crap will always pile up in life but friendships need to be nurtured and cared for.  Which means making them a priority.  So when a friend calls to say, would you like to have coffee and the only thing in my way is the dishes and the mop bucket by the door - I say yes.Are their friendships you need to give more time to?  Housework you need to give less time to?  I challenge you to make a play date at least once a week - and not for your kids - but for you! 

  9. Let it go!I really have to work on this.  I am trying really hard to shrug my shoulders and swallow the painful challenges.  I re-hash too many of the things I cannot change so now when I start to think of something that is eating at me I repeat the mantra - “this does not matter and I am letting it go”.  Sometimes it even helps me to sing the song from Frozen (no I am not lying).  May sound silly but it actually makes me smile when I do that and that is one step closer to actually letting it go!  Actually I am signing it right now as I write this…let it go….let it go…..What are the things in your heart that you need to let go of and what is one action you can add to help you with that? 

  10. Plan for the Worst
    I put what I call an “emergency plan” in place.  I have an action plan for when I get into a bad place!  We all have bad days.  But a bad day is not the same as a bad life!  This is what I am always forgetting…..so whether I had a fight?  Or am battling some depression?  Have an angry heart?   Crazy mama brain?  Overwhelm?   I tend to end up in the same dark place, hating my life with the TV on and eating my emotions.  Not good.  So not good.So I made a list of things that I love to do that can easily pull me out of the dark stages. These things include escaping to the outdoors or to the park.  Phoning a friend.  Reading a book.  Taking a hot bath.  Running.  Listening to a motivational podcast like Tony Robbins or Les Brown.  Pumping the tunes.  Angry cleaning (don’t act like you have never done that).  And just escaping alone - maybe to the closes bakery to buy myself an expensive cappuccino.  But I have a long list of things I love to do.  So when I am in a bad place I start to look at the list of items on my Emergency plan and I just choose the one that works and fits for that moment and mood.  The other day I chose reading.  I needed a time out and could not go anywhere with Cayden.  So I grabbed my book and laid low.  By the time I looked up an hour later I forgot why I put my nose in the book!So make your own “Emergency plan” and create your love list.  Then post it somewhere so when you are in a dark place you can refer to it and help manage your mood and your day instead of the other way around.  And maybe save a few calories too! 

  11. Supplements & Vitamins
    Those that really know me know that supplements changed my life.  I dealt with a chronic neck pain injury that I felt every single day since a car accident I had when I was 18.  I had constant headaches and frequent migraines.  I started essential oils only to try to remove advil andtylenol from my life because it was destroying my stomach.  Once I learned more about health and wellness I learned that 80% of our health concerns and issues can be solved with a daily regime.  So I started taking supplements and I was shocked that they drastically reduced my neck pain to almost nothing and completely removed migraines from my life.  Headaches I get when I am over worked, stressed or have major anxiety.  Not at all related to my old injury.I think supplements are a game changer so suggest you find a supplement that feeds your body and is also one that you can fully assimilate (not all vitamins are created equal).  You never know - it may just be a game changer for you like it was for me. 

  12. Silence, Stillness, & Solitude
    I learned this working at camp.  We learn the most about ourselves in the silent moments.  It is easy to understand our words.  Our actions.  But what speaks volumes is really those silent moments.  They whisper to us the things we really need to know.So I have been trying to take the first 10-15 minutes after Cayden has a nap to do this. There are no rules.  It is not mediating.  It is simply being silent, still and alone.  The first day I did it my goal was 5 minutes.  I was laying on the couch with my feet propped up - my body in an L and I felt so at peace.  I was there for 13 minutes.  The second day I lasted all of 7 minutes.  Again - there are no rules.  Just be.  In any place you want.  In any position.  For any length of time. Just be in silence and alone. Let your mind wander free!   It is your time! 

  13. Reading every night
    I have a bad habit of working late or getting on my phone when I am in bed and checking social media.  I read an article that most of our time spent on social media is in the evening and how it radically affects our mood, sleep and dreams.  So now my phone is not the last thing I touch.  It is a book.  It is not an iPad, kindle or another electronic device.  It is a tangible book.  If I read only 5 pages - that is ok - because a book is my best choice to keep away from all of my electronics!

  14. Healthy mouth routine
    Every night before bed I floss my teeth, brush and then rinse with an essential oil like Spearmint or Peppermint.  A healthy mouth routine does so much good to our bodies.  And I am sure I do not have to tell you about bacteria and diseases found in our mouth that start reeking havoc on our body - especially our heart!  Have a healthy mouth routine.  Your teeth, tongue, body and heart will thank you!  Also - if you can implement oil pulling in the morning that would make you a rock star in the healthy mouth department!

  15. One pic a day
    A friend challenged me to take one picture a day and record it.  At first I had no idea why this was a good idea.  It seemed like just another “task”.  But now that I have been doing it I look forward to it.  I look forward to capturing moments throughout my day.  To see which one I will rate as the “ best” pic at the end of the night.  It also gives me 5 minutes when Cayden goes to bed to look through the day.  One day I took only one photo and it had zero significance (my diffuser and a plant) and I was mad at myself for having to add this picture to the collection calendar.Life goes by so fast and we may forget to record it.  Jot it down.  Take pictures of it.   So now when I take the time to look around me - I see what is incredible and amazing the tiny moments that make up this thing called life.So instead of letting weeks go by without snapping one single photo - this challenge has now given me one solid memory each day.  I can look at the photos and remember that exact moment.  I look forward to looking back to see what a year recalls! 

  16. Smell this
    I am a huge essential oil enthusiast (if you didn’t know already) and diffusers are a big part of my life.  I have them going all day long.  If I am in the office I have one running there and I have another one on the main floor that I change every single morning.  Not only are you able to cleanse the air with them but you can also use oils to help elevate your moods. On top of those two incredible benefits it is a really great and healthy way to make your house smell amazing.  I am not putting harmful chemicals or toxins into the air we breathe - just  Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  The other perk is that you can cater the smell each time so you do not get sick of the same scent over and over again.  A diffuser is something I find comfort and solace in - but is truly a game changer when I need to get my mood in check, to help battle those annoying colds and flu’s, or when I need a little pick me up (hello orange and peppermint)!  They are so much a part of my life that if I travel anywhere in the future one of them will be going in my suitcase. 

  17. Dance Parties
    I think I can say with confidence that Cayden and I likely have a dance party 5 out of 7 days of the week.  And the two days we don’t it is because my husband is home and the routine is thrown off.  But Monday-Friday we pretty much do the exact same morning routine and it contains us shaking our bootys.  It makes us smile and laugh so much.  My favourite thing is to watch him point his finger and stick it straight in the air like he is doing the disco.  I also see how powerful these little dance parties are when we are in a store or on the street and he hears a good song.  He actually starts busting a move and wants me to join him!It really makes me remember to be lighter.  More free.  Less attached to my schedule.  Random dance parties are high on my list of must haves in life! 

  18. Cold Shower!
    I bet you are thinking - hmmm - yeah right - cold shower my a$$.  But I learned about a ton of benefits of cold showers.  And the only thing that gets me in them and staying in is this quote.  “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  That is where all the growth happens!”  I repeat it in my head as I am loudly cursing the frigid water.  I love a hot shower.  In fact, I typically shower in 40º so doing this really was a huge shock to me.  But I have to say that it has started to grow on me - especially on these crazy hot summer days.  I have no idea if I will be able to keep this up in the winter but for now it is pretty awesome.  It really wakes me up and I can feel the change in my blood.  I am ready to take action after a shower instead of ready to go to bed.
    Here are some of the health benefits of daily Cold Showers:
    *   Improve immune system
    *   Improves circulation
    *   Stimulates fat loss
    *   Speed up muscle recovery and soreness
    *   Ease stress
    *   Relieve depression 

  19. Fountain of Youth
    I finally invested in a full skin care facial system.  I had done it once before in my 20s with products from Lush until one of the main products got discontinued - then after that I could never find something that worked. Since then I have struggled with finding that balance.  Not too dry and not too oily.  Every time I try something I go for the simplest system.  I hated having a ton of products or a ton of steps but I learned there is actually a science behind the 3, 4 and 5 part systems.  So I finally caved and bought one my best friend raved about it and I am in love.  I paid a hefty price (in my eyes) for it but I have already had it for over a month and there seems to barely be a dent in it.  It smells heavenly, is super nourishing and leaves my skin looking smooth like a baby's bottom.  I have even been told I look younger!  So I finally dumped money into a skin care system and I couldn’t be happier.  I actually enjoy the 4 part routine.  I feel like it is a little bit of self loving each morning and night.  And I think self love and self care are some of the best things we can give ourselves.

  20.  Move your body
    I will admit it - I do not workout every day.  But I try to get in about 3-4 workouts a week.  I really have no excuses.  I am home with Cayden.  I have some pretty awesome equipment like a TRX and bosu ball.  But there are days that I don’t even think dynamite would motivate me.   But everything changes when I work out.  My blood is pumping.  I feel strong.  I feel happiness pumping through my veins.  And I have more energy to attack my day.  I also make better eating choices the entire day vs the days I do not do anything.We only have one body.  One life.  One time on this earth.  So we need to take care of ourselves the best we can.  We need to eat right and we need to move our bodies!  Try to carve out some time each day or as many times in the week as you can do do just that.  Walk, run, bike, lift, dance, swim etc.  Whatever way you like to move - just do it!And PS - Children are not excuses - they are not a way for us to point a finger and say this is why we do not work out.  They are actually the reason.  The reason we need to put more effort into this area of our life.  They should motivate us to do better.  Be better.  Because they have two little eyes that are always watching us.  So if we want them to lead healthy fit lives, we need to model that!  

  21. Affirmations
    It is said that what we continually ask for we receive because the universe works with you to help make our dreams a reality.  Whether you believe it or not you cannot discount the fact that positive and negative emotions or thoughts can bring different outcomes.  So why not try to positively affect your life by keeping your thoughts in line with what you want to achieve.I have only one or two positive affirmations that I am working on right now.  They are in present tense - like they have already happened - like I have already achieved them.  And I repeat it about 25 times per day.  I repeat it out loud in the car.  On my bike with Cayden.  When I am walking to the store.  I repeat repeat repeat and repeat.  I know there are a million more reasons why we should do affirmations but I won’t bore you with those details.   Just remember that “what we think about - we bring about”!

  22.  Daily Love List
    I have a list of items that I repeat every day almost without fail.  In fact, I feel guilty when I do not do all of these items.  This list is so sacred to me that soon I will have it laminated.  Does that sound crazy or logical?  I will add a photo if it here so you can see what I am talking about.  But this list helps keep me organized and in check.  I cannot tell you how many times I forgot to give Cayden his vitamin or to clean his ears.  So having a Daily Love List can be really beneficial at keeping you on point.  And you never know, one day you may be laminating it!  

  23. Vision Board
    Have a hard time staying focused on your future plans?  Have a hard time finding the motivation to get to you the finish line?  A vision board can help you do that.  We are all visual creates.  We have instant connection to pictures that we take or see.  So if you have a future goal or plan but it to work visually and post it where you will see it often.  I have a vision board right above my computer in my office (added below).  It has pictures of my current and future life to keep me strongly connected to why I am doing what I am doing.  It pushes me on the hard days.  On the tiring days.  When I would rather lay in bed and stuff my face with chips then plug away at my emails (or write a new blog post).  I am reminded why I started and why I want to finish.  It keeps me going.You can throw one together really fast using Canva or even a program on your computer.  No need to get fancy - just get the photos and get it done!  

  24. Date myself
    I carve out one night every single month that is for me.  Just me.  Whether it is taking myself to the spa.  Or a date night with a friend for a lovely dinner and glass of wine.  I have one night every month that is all for me.  No child.  No husband.  No work.  No agenda.  It is all for me and I do not feel the least bit guilty for it.  I watched an interview with Oprah while she was at Stanford University and she said that she takes a lot of personal time.  To fill up her cup.  Because when her cup is full - she can give to others more freely.  When it is empty we feel drained and tired.  Taking time for ourselves is not punishment or being selfish.  It is needed!  So block off some time in your schedule that is pampering.  All for you.  And if you can - try to do it once per week.  But once per month is better than nothing! 

  25. Journal
    Whether this is a book you write in daily for your kids to read later.  Or a brain dump you do every morning to rid those negative thoughts.  Or finally putting your words into chapters and creating your book.  Or a gratitude journal.  Writing is food for the soul.  It is a way for us to expel what is negative or to bring in the positive.  Focused writing or unfocused writing is nurturing.Journalling has always been a huge part of my life and it has helped me tremendously.  It has helped me heal.  To find my centre.  To plan my future and to create business plans.If you have never journaled before or you are not sure if it is a right fit for you - search the different styles and techniques.  There may be something that has been waiting around the corner for you all along and it may fit like the last piece of a puzzle. This is my electronic journal.  A way for me to write.  Heal.  Plan.  Thank you for being a part of it.  For being a part of my world and my journey!

    I am so grateful to have you here! 

    With all my love from France!