21 Ways to Keep Holiday Depression Away

21 Ways to Keep Depression Away

The holidays are magical.

Beautiful.Full of festivity!

There are decorations laced all throughout our villages/cities.

Gigantic gorgeous Christmas trees over 40 feet tall decorated elegantly and professionally.

Music fills our ears whenever we enter stores.

Christmas Beer and special holiday cocktails can be found at every restaurant.

There are magnificent markets on the cobblestone streets.

The mood is set.It is a time to be thankful and it is a time to give.

It is also a time for us to spend.

To spoil.

To purchase items that we hope the other person will love.

To make presents that we pour our hearts and time into.

 But it can also look like this:

Fill our calendars with endless hosting, parties and gatherings.

Spending that is just added amounts to our already existing debts.

Maxing out limits on our credit cards.Massive to do lists that require our full time attention for weeks.

Buying, making, wrapping, baking, cooking, cleaning, driving, errands….…

We can actually run ourselves into the ground preparing and “enjoying” Christmas.  

And then I think of those I know

Those that I am close to

Those who are in my distant circle of friends

Who may not think the setting of Christmas is magical but instead crushing.

They have lost a loved one

They are battling cancer

Maybe they are all alone without their family

Or maybe….they don't have the luxury of cash or credit to spoilT

here isn't a perfect setting for anyone

Well Hello December Depression....so nice of you to join us. 

No one is immune to December Depression and there are so many different reasons for why it will come and touch us on the arm

And force us to take a time out

So instead of letting the darkness get to you in the middle of a holiday party while you hide it away on the floor of the bathroom

Or freeze you in your tracks in the middle of the mall

We need to take care of US over the holidays

Give ourselves that much needed time out

To feel the ache.

To feel the sadness.

But not to become acquainted with the darkness.

The Dreaded December Darkness is not coming for us!

Especially when we know how to increase our light, give ourselves some love and take a break: 

21 Ways to Keep Holiday Depression Away

  1. Remove the unnecessary from your list: Instead of baking go to a bakery. Instead of wrapping find a donation table.

  2. Sleep in! Sometimes we all just need a little extra time in our bed. Not getting up early to attack that giant list. Rest. Snuggle. Cuddle up. Give yourself an extra hour in that luxury bed of yours.

  3. Skip it: Dreading that one party that always brings you down - why the hell are you going - skip it! I think we have all heard that life is too short to do things we do not love - if the party will not lift you up - don't go. Simple

  4. Huge family dinner to cook? Bring the amount of items down to make it less stressful. Outsource whatever items you can. Included the whole family in cooking - even those coming - make it a potluck if you have to. Whatever you have to do to ease the burden of a big meal - do!

  5. Order in: Oh - this is such a treat - did you know there are actually a ton of things that are open on Christmas day (if you live in Canada and the US) - take a advantage if it will help you.

  6. Soak your blues away: If you are feeling the holidays stress jump in a super hot bath with some epsom salt and baking soda - and if you have some Lavender throw that into.

  7. Grab a book: My favourite way to have a time out is to fall into a whole other world.

  8. Take a nap: Holidays = over eating, too much talking and so much stimulation - go take that dam nap.

  9. Phone a friend: Everyone loves a good vent session - seems to always take some weight off.

  10. Say F it: If it will not serve you - if you do not have time for it - if it is stressing you out too much - take it off the list!

  11. Soul Stroll: Need a monster time out - go for a long walk - alone - without music, your phone, your iPod, iPad, walkman, discman….I think you get my point

  12. Run it out: When I am super pissed or stressed I will go for a run. 9 times out of 10 when I come home I am a new person.

  13. Dance party: When tension is running high in me I put tunes on. Whether I dance around or have a personal lip sync contest I instantly feel better with tunes going.

  14. Enjoy the view: Go out without an agenda. Without a plan of attack. Not to run errands. Not to just grab that. Go out and listen to the music. Look at the decorations. See the people. Drink a hot chocolate. And enjoy the setting. It really is beautiful.

  15. Pyjama party: Instead of having a fancy get together with your bestie - just call them up - have a low key get together - and clearly I am suggesting so low key you can wear your pyjamas - now that sounds like a Christmas party everyone would want to attend!

  16. Set the mood: If you can feel the darkness coming or it has already got you captive you can put your essential oils to work for you. Add the oils that help you with your mood into your diffuser. Citrus and peppermint oils are great for uplifting. Serenity, Balance and Lavender are great for calming and grounding.

  17. Find your thing: We all have one thing that helps us get back to centre. Wood working, knitting, cooking, cleaning - whatever it may be - tap into that when you need it.

  18. Volunteer: There is a reason this is the season for giving - there are so many people that need help - give as much as you can - for selfish reasons of course - it will make you feel better :-)

  19. Coffee dates: I love coffee dates with friends - they light me up and they help me find my inner calm - maybe all you need is a quick time out with a friend to get you back on track.

  20. Brain bump: Journalling can be just what the doctor ordered. Part of my December frustrations lie in planning my new year. I need time to do that - to feel ready - prepared - and I know that when I do I will feel lighter - better and more calm!

  21. Watch what you eat and drink: I purchased this one e-book called FitGirls - I think the one big lesson I took from it was don't turn a 200 calorie thing into a 2000 calorie disaster. It has taught me to be more mindful about binge eating or eating out. It is the same with holiday parties. We don't have to turn things into a full on disaster. We can spurlge, have fun but not go over board. One huge factor in how we feel is what we eat and drink. So if you feel the darkness coming on keep it at bay by keeping your food and alcohol in check.

 From my family to yours we wish you a Happy Holiday full of love and light!
With all of my love from France!