100+ Ways to Banish a Bad Day

100+ Ways to Banish a Bad Day

On a bad day you can find me curled up on the couch eating Kraft Dinner, watching TV shows I have already seen and feeling sorry for myself.

I tend to hate the outside world and I am beyond irritable.

My impatience is even higher than normal, I can cry at the drop of a hat and I don't care about the future or what I put into my mouth

.I am what you call “the Very Cranky Bear” (and don't poke the bear - it only makes it worse)

I let my emotions eat at me

.I turn tiny mole hills into mountains and everyone is my enemy.

Really not a healthy place to be.

So in these moments I have created a list that I call “My Emergency Plan” that has over 100+ things that I love to do. 

So when I am in this dark place I look at my list and I choose whatever suits the mood and the moment.  Sometimes I have to do 3 or 4 of them before I even begin to feel human again.

One day I was in such a bad place and I was so tired I just grabbed a new book and spent the entire day reading it.

Crappy days come - we cannot stop them - but we can change how they effect our day for!

Feel free to make your own list.  

Comment below with things you love to do that are not on my list!  

I would love to get to 200+!

Here is my 100+ Ways to Banish a Bad Day List:

  1. Hot shower

  2. Beautiful Bath

  3. Good book

  4. Phone a friend

  5. Walk

  6. Hike

  7. Running

  8. Gym visit

  9. Spa time

  10. Coffee Date or Cafe Cruising

  11. Geocaching

  12. Make Love Packages and snail mail out

  13. Nap

  14. Workout at home

  15. DIY Essential Oil Product Making

  16. Crafts with Cayden

  17. Phone Home

  18. Swimming

  19. Dance Party

  20. Tunes cranked

  21. Magazine Flipping

  22. Positive Podcasts

  23. Motivational Movies

  24. Pay It Forward - Do anything kind for someone

  25. Pick flowers

  26. Park Play Time

  27. Bake Something

  28. Cook good food

  29. Journal or Brain Dump

  30. Write Your Heart Out

  31. Make Little Love Notes - contact with someone from a long time ago!

  32. Bike Ride

  33. Rollerblade

  34. Play Dress Up

  35. Get Dressed Up and Put Make up On

  36. Have a Dinner date

  37. Play with stones / crystals - breathe life into them

  38. Meditate

  39. Silence Stillness Solitude

  40. Heavenly scent in the Diffuser

  41. Beach!!

  42. Play-doh

  43. Puzzles

  44. Colour

  45. Paint

  46. Read Inspiring Quotes

  47. Research something you want to learn about

  48. Pedicure / Manicure

  49. Face Mask

  50. Affirmations

  51. Manifesting

  52. Picture Surfing - look through the old photos you have in albums

  53. Creative Design Work

  54. Planning - your day - week - month - year - meals....

  55. Tea time

  56. Organize or declutter

  57. Clean

  58. Boxing / Kickboxing

  59. Yoga

  60. Pilates

  61. Play Cards

  62. Board games

  63. Dominoes

  64. Take pictures

  65. Build a fort

  66. Pitch a tent

  67. Be spontaneous - just start going and see where you end up.

  68. Take a Roadtrip

  69. Fireplace or camp fire

  70. Register for a class

  71. Online education

  72. Plan a party

  73. Light Candles

  74. Climb a tree

  75. Play an instrument

  76. Go Shopping

  77. Tye Dye

  78. Rock collecting

  79. Blow bubbles

  80. Try something brand spanking new

  81. Share your love and passion with someone

  82. Plant something

  83. Go to the library

  84. Go for Ice cream (even if it is winter)

  85. Donate

  86. Get a haircut

  87. Lay in the sun

  88. Have sex

  89. Masterbate

  90. Watch kids play

  91. Get dirty - really dirty - like mud in your hair dirty

  92. Play in the rain

  93. Build a snowman

  94. Make snow angles

  95. Hot chocolate and marshmallows

  96. Smash something (safely)

  97. Rent a hotel room just for the heck of it

  98. Outsource a stress (hire a cleaner or snow shoveler)

  99. Race

  100. Swing on the swings

  101. Say Sorry

  102. Visit an Infrared Sauna

  103. Cuddle

  104. Do nothing

  105. Pick fruit

  106. Find a puppy.

Tell me.......What am I missing?  What else needs to be added?  Comment below!