Goal Digging + Dreaming Awake (Turn Your Dreams Into Reality)

11 Tips to Turn Your Dream into Reality

I was 26 years old when I finally started.  

When I finally was able to look at my life.  

To consider the future.  

To decide what I really wanted.  

What I wanted from myself.

I had the “typical” dreams growing up.  

I wanted my own house.  

A car in the driveway. 

Children playing in the yard.  

And a husband holding my hand.  

But beyond that I had not given my future life that much thought.

And I had no idea how much planning time I had already lost.

It was a weekend getaway from the corporate world.  

A place where I thought I was supposed to be.  

Where I thought I would continue to climb the ladder and maybe end up in meetings next to the CEO.  

That was what I thought I wanted.  

Where I thought I was supposed to go.  

It was how it worked, right?

When I first drove in, I had no idea what would lie ahead for me.  

I had no idea that I would give up my newly acquired promotion as a Prototype Buyer and move 300kms away.  

I had no idea that I would spend the next 5 years analyzing all the things I had done before that time.  

And I had no idea that I would start looking inward.  

Looking at the person I was and the person I wanted to me.  

Coming face to face with my mistakes and my bad habits.  

Questioning my relationships.  

My friendships.  

Who I wanted to spend my time with.  

Who was going to help elevate my life vs tear it down.

You never know how much work you need to do on yourself until someone forces you to really look in.  

To ask yourself the hard questions.

Sometimes you don’t like what you find.  

The dark places within.  

The heart ache you never let go of.  

The lies you buried deep.  

The regret that swims through your veins.  

You start to face it all and you never realize how deep your emotions run.

I learned that I was flawed but beautiful.

That I was unique and rare.  

And that was a gift.

I learned how to love with all my heart

How to fight.  

To fight with grace and dignity.

To fight for what I believed in.

To stand up for those too weak to.

To pay it forward.

That kindness was not shameful but honoured.

I learned to play in the rain.

To get dirty.  

Really dirty.

I started to see myself for who I really was.  

The real me.  

Not hidden behind designer clothes and make up.

I learned to fail and to acceptI learned to trip, fall and stand back up.

And I learned to dream.

It was the first time I looked into my future and started seeing what was possible.

What I could achieve vs what I thought I was supposed to achieve.I started making goals.

Thinking about where I wanted to go.  

What I wanted to do.

And I learned how to take small steps to get there. 

In July 2010 I wrote my F.LA.G. (fearless life altering goal)……..to own my own business.

In December of 2014 that dream started to become a reality.

In April 2015 HOO Happiness was born.

 On top of being a blogger, essential oil enthusiast and lover of all things in the wellness area.  

I also help women create a life that is filled with health, wealth and happiness by starting their own all natural wellness business.  

I am honoured to have the opportunity to learn, grow, educate and coach women about how to fuel their lives with possibility, abundance and choice.It all started with a dream.

It is incredible to dream.  

But we also need to start planning. 

1.  Write down your dream goal.

What is it that you want to achieve?  Or be?  Be extremely specific.  I made the mistake of writing “owning my own business”.  The problem with that is I was not specific enough and therefor did not have a concrete plan in place to do that.  It was too vague.  You need to write as many details as possible down.  For example:  “I want to create an all inclusive winter wellness yoga retreat in February 2017 in a Jamaican ocean view villa for 30 women".  Yes - that specific!

2.  Research

Do the necessary research so you are fully informed about what you need to do to get to where you want to go.  Keep notes about the steps that need to be taken.  Make it as detailed as possible.  Leave nothing out.  The more details you have the better you can plan and execute.I will continue to use the example above so you can see the specifics I am talking about:  Who do you need to hire?  Where is the best venue?  Menu?  Attendees?  Price?  Etc. 

3.  Create your plan

What is each action step.  What are the due dates or time frames that each step needs to be completed by.  Lay out even the simplest tasks because even the smallest steps are taking you one step towards your dream!  This will take the most work and may be re-written a bunch of times.  I used to love to make notes in a journal but then I found I was re-writing so much and adding in new things that I went electronically.  This allowed edits more easily.  But find a system that works for you and keep at it.  Plan, plan, plan. 

4.  Visualize

This is key!
a)  Write out your goal and post it somewhere where you can see it.  In a frame on your nightstand.  As a screen saver on your phone.  A post it note beside your alarm clock
.b)  Read it OUT LOUD every single morning and read it again before you go to bed
c)  Create an positive affirmation and a visualization to go with it and try to do this every spare minute you have.  Passenger seat of a car.  Waiting in line at the bank.  Your affirmation will be in present tense.  Like you have already achieved it.  “I hosted a life altering Winter Wellness Yoga Retreat for exhausted Mamas in a beautiful Jamaican villa over looking the ocean”  For the visualization imagine what the villa looks like, the colour of the yoga mats, smell of the oceans, the pink sunset, the serenity and feeling of accomplishment.  Every detail that you just planned out should be in your visualizations.
d)  Make a vision board outlining each step and what that looks like.  Example:  One picture could be your yoga teacher.  Another your schedule - the yoga mats - villa - map of the beach - calendar with dates circled - etc.  When we see visuals we live through that experience more vividly.  And the more vivid the picture the more clear the reality. 

5.  Track your progress.

One of the best strategies I have learned is to keep a "Dream Journal” or a Progress journal - this will allow you track what you have achieved - what still needs to be done.  You can also journal about your challenges and struggles.  Or you can just keep yourself a checklist and mark it as you go along.  But don’t ignore this step.  Seeing where you are and how far you have come is important.  Even if you have only checked off two of the two hundred boxes.  Progress is still progress and you need to be be proud of that!  Every little step you take to make your dream a reality is actually leaps and bounds later down the line.  The hardest step is starting and we do not realize that this is a big goal accomplished!  Check it off and be proud! 

6.  Be Open to Revision

Sometimes we make a goal or plan and then we find ourselves detouring!  And then before we know it we are completely off track and creating a whole new path and with that a new goal.  Be open to that.  Be accepting.  This is ok.  It is better to find the right goal than it is to follow through on a goal that no longer serves you! 

7.  Make yourself accountable

Tell at least 3 people about your dream and how you plan on achieving it.  Tell them to ask you for check ins - to see how you are doing.  Sometimes we get de-railed with our goals and our dreams and we don’t know we are off track until we have one of our “people” check in with us.  When that happens we remember why we had that dream.  Why we started that plan.   And it helps us to get back into it. 

8.  Support network

Ask for help from those closest to you. Maybe your Aunt has a friend who is a travel agent and can tell you the best places in Jamaica to host such an event.  Use your friend to search venues with you.  Parents to lend you money.  A cousin to design your marketing campaigns.  Whatever help you need ask for.   Reach out.  You may be surprised at who jumps on board with you! 

9.  Don’t listen to “NO"

Don’t listen to the people who tell you that you cannot do something.  Forget the nay sayers - it is none of your business what someone else thinks of you.  Your limitations are not defined by someone else’s point of view.YOU are in control of your future.  YOU are in the drivers seat.  YOU are the only one who can create your dreams!Doubt from others only breeds negativity!  Get rid of them!Don’t take any one along for the ride unless they are a cheerleader for you. 

10.  Don’t stop

When times get tough - and they will get tough - don’t quit!  And most of all - never ever quit on a bad day.  Having a bad day does not equal a bad life.  So if you feel like you want to toss your dream away - wait - and decide on a good day.  Chances are that when you do that - you will keep going - keep fighting and achieve what you want. 

11.  Celebrate

Celebrate your wins.  Your successes.  Not just at the end but along the way.  Especially when you have just gone through a really hard patch and you overcame.  All too often we only see the end goal or the end dream and we forget about the journey and the changes that happened along the way.  These small feats change us.  Make us better.  Stronger.  Wiser.  Celebrate them.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Enjoy the journey and not just the destination. Remember this!

You are incredible.  You are powerful beyond measure.  And you will do incredible things!  

Keep Dreaming, but start planning!